Strengthening Your Golf Swing Muscles Will Greatly Improve Your Golf Game

Strengthening Your Golf Swing Muscles Will Greatly Improve Your Golf

Golf swing muscles? is​ there such a​ thing? You didn’t think they were important or​ existed did you? But I’m sure when you’ve gone home after a​ round of​ golf with a​ sore back you were reminded very quickly, you do in​ fact have golf swing muscles.

Having been a​ certified conditioning professional for over 20 years and the last 10 with golfers exclusively…I can tell you with one hundred percent confidence there is​ definitely a​ muscular component to​ the golf swing. And if​ the muscles have not been trained to​ work in​ a​ specific sequence, with minimal tension and maximum power, the expected results will not be achieved.

What are the important muscles involved in​ the golf swing? There isn’t one or​ two of​ them. The body moves sequentially throughout the golf swing. But through research and years of​ training, I can say without a​ doubt that the muscles of​ your core are the most important. Followed by the hamstrings and glutes.

The rest of​ the muscle groups are supportive to​ the golf swing, which doesn’t mean they are any less important, just not as​ critical to​ improving power and consistency.

Let’s briefly break down your main golf swing muscles and their role in​ the golf swing.

Shoulders: Support the golf at​ the top of​ the swing and also add clubhead speed as​ an​ extension of​ the core.

Upper Back: Maintenance of​ spine angle for ease of​ turning on backswing and follow through.

Lower Back: Critical in​ maintaining of​ golf posture during the swing and even putting.

Glutes: Helps maintain flex in​ hips and also athletic, “golf squat” position for a​ powerful swing base.

Quadriceps: Allows for ease of​ maintaining consistent knee flex and golf posture for a​ repeatable swing.

Hamstrings: The KEY muscle group in​ producing an​ effective, optimal and repeatable golf posture for eighteen holes.

Core: The engine to​ the golf swing. Produces maximum power from the pivot. Stored energy from the torque created on the backswing, to​ unleash into impact.

This is​ a​ very brief overview of​ your golf swing muscles. as​ you can see, if​ these muscles don’t have a​ higher level of​ both strength and flexibility, they will not allow you to​ achieve your true golf potential.

Hopefully you will be motivated to​ look into a​ golf conditioning program to​ strengthen these golf swing muscles.

Strengthening Your Golf Swing Muscles Will Greatly Improve Your Golf

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