Strategies For Accumulating Email Addresses

Strategies For Accumulating Email Addresses

The most successful online product launches all have one thing in​ common. They all involve a​ joint venture of​ some kind. in​ other words, the​ person developing the​ product joins up with someone who has a​ massive email list and​ they share the​ revenue. Over time, the​ person developing the​ product can accumulate email addresses of​ their own and​ eventually, he or​ she can be the​ list owner for​ other people’s products.

The point is; a​ successful online product launch would never take place if​ it​ wasn’t for​ a​ list owner helping to​ promote the​ product. as​ it​ turns out, the​ list is​ actually far more important than the​ product. and​ the​ people who have such lists are well aware of​ their importance. Generally speaking, they’ll get between 50% and​ 75% of​ the​ revenue generated from new online product launches.

That brings me to​ the​ underlying message behind this article. if​ you have an​ interest in​ making money online, your well advised to​ start accumulating email addresses and​ developing a​ list. He who brings the​ buyers owns the​ revenue. and​ if​ you have a​ list, you can provide the​ buyers for​ other people’s products.

The process of​ accumulating email address requires a​ bit of​ strategy. You can’t just ask for​ them. You have to​ offer something in​ exchange. and​ if​ your audience is​ to​ relinquish their email address, your offer better be worth it. So, before you do anything else, you need to​ properly identify your target market. Exactly who are you trying to​ attract? What are their characteristics and​ what do they have in​ common? Where do they hang out? What do they do for​ fun?

A poorly targeted list is​ worth nothing. in​ fact, any business that is​ poorly targeted will struggle. the​ strength in​ any offering is​ the​ targeting. Every part of​ the​ process works better when a​ perfect stranger can look at​ a​ business and​ understand immediately what it’s all about. and​ that happens when the​ business is​ properly targeted. So start your list accumulation strategy with a​ clear idea who you’re trying to​ find.

Next up, think about what would benefit them. Think about what their lives are like and​ where their challenges lie. Again, the​ idea is​ to​ offer a​ resource of​ some kind – something that will benefit your target market – and​ then request their email address in​ exchange for​ it. You can do that with an​ autoresponder or​ a​ squeeze page but neither will work unless your offering provides real benefits to​ your target market.

Once you know who you’re targeting and​ what you’re going to​ offer them, you have to​ decide on a​ price tag. Are you going to​ offer this for​ free? Are you going to​ assign a​ price, but one that is​ indisputably low? Either way is​ fine but the​ important thing is​ that the​ offer appears too good to​ be true to​ your target market. From their perspective, they have to​ feel like they absolutely cannot pass the​ offer up. if​ you achieve that, you’ll get a​ much higher response rate, accelerating the​ process of​ accumulating addresses.

You can make your offer on your website, on a​ forum or​ through a​ JV promotion. it​ doesn’t really matter what you do. the​ important thing is​ to​ start today so you can begin accumulating email address right away. You might be surprised how quickly it​ can all take place and​ the​ asset you’re left with can pay dividends for​ years to​ come.

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