Strategies Casinos Use To Keep A Person Playing

Strategies Casinos Use To Keep A Person Playing

When entering a​ casino, you are usually overcome by the​ lights and​ the​ noises of​ tokens dropping into the​ bottom of​ the​ slot machine; tokens for​ the​ latest winner to​ scoop up into their bucket. Did you ever stop to​ notice that there are no clocks or​ windows? Once you enter a​ casino, you are on casino time and​ their goal is​ to​ make you loose track of​ time. Casinos are hoping that the​ less you worry about the​ outside world, the​ longer you will put your tokens into their slots.

Have you noticed that casinos are quick to​ change your money into tokens or​ chips as​ soon as​ possible? Once you are no longer looking at​ the​ actual money, the​ chips, tokens or​ credits seem to​ lose their monetary value. the​ less you have to​ dig into your wallet for​ the​ cold hard cash, the​ less likely you are to​ associate the​ excitement that casino play offers with the​ expenses that can be incurred in​ a​ loss.

When you enter a​ casino, have you ever felt like you were getting a​ good buzz or​ a​ sudden burst of​ energy? Don't just chalk it​ up to​ the​ bustle of​ the​ environment or​ the​ kind gesture you think you are getting from a​ free drink. it​ could be that the​ casino is​ actually piping in​ oxygen. Some casinos use the​ oxygen to​ keep you from getting weary therefore enabling you to​ play the​ tables or​ slots longer. the​ casinos are hoping that the​ longer your stay at​ a​ black jack table or​ a​ slot machine, the​ more chance of​ a​ profit for​ them.

One of​ the​ biggest strategies that the​ casinos use that should be avoided at​ all costs is​ the​ complimentary beverages that are offered to​ you. of​ course, it​ is​ hard to​ turn down a​ free drink especially when it​ is​ being they are free, but those free drinks could end up costing you much more in​ the​ long run. We all know that the​ more we drink, the​ less inhibited we become and​ sometimes loose our sense of​ judgment. When the​ drinks are flowing freely, the​ casinos are hoping that your money will be as​ well. Be it​ a​ lack of​ clocks or​ the​ free drinks, the​ casinos job is​ to​ keep you there spending your money and​ these are just a​ few of​ the​ strategies that casinos are using to​ keep you playing.

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