Straightforward Web Design Techniques

Straightforward Web Design Techniques

When designing a​ website it​ is​ very important to​ try to​ focus your viewers attention to​ the​ parts that are most important to​ you. Luckily for​ you there are numerous ways to​ do this. Most Website design professionals know all the​ little tips and​ tricks to​ make certain aspects of​ your site stand out.

Here are a​ few tips from the​ industry professionals.

#1. Before making a​ headline bigger than usual you should consider whether this is​ actually necessary, if​ its just a​ standard headline then don't bother, but if​ it's something that will interest the​ customer then make it​ stand out, make it​ bigger, brighter etc.
Example: You are running a​ two for​ one sale, your potential customers will definitely be interested in​ this so say it​ loud and​ make it​ PROUD!!!

#2. Make it​ simple, a​ page on a​ site can have too much information on it. Remember you need to​ grab the​ customers attention quickly, so if​ you have lots more info on a​ particular subject put it​ on another page and​ put in​ an​ anchor so they can switch to​ it​ if​ they want the​ extra information. Too many sites do not make use of​ this feature.

#3 Use of​ images is​ also a​ great way to​ attract a​ customers attention, its easier to​ have a​ picture of​ something and​ stick a​ hyperlink in​ to​ another page which has detailed information. the​ old saying a​ picture is​ worth a​ thousand words, has never been truer.

#4 a​ lot of​ debate on this point but i personally think pop ups, sound, and​ videos that are thrust upon you are a​ definite turn off, by all means place videos but do not have them set to​ start automatically. Sometimes a​ pop up is​ needed but put a​ warning up saying this will open in​ a​ new window or​ something like that. This shows your potential customer you are thinking about them, and​ they tend to​ appreciate that.

#5 Now you have your website setup and​ it​ looks good you need to​ start working on getting it​ ranked in​ the​ search engines. Some people swear in​ using SEO companies but I would not waste my money on it. Do some research and​ spend a​ little time implementing the​ basic stuff and​ you will be pleasantly surprised at​ how quick the​ results start to​ show.

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