Storage Cabinets Buying Guide

Storage Cabinets Buying Guide

This article is​ a​ storage cabinets buying guide aimed at​ educating you on practical aspects of​ buying storing media and entertainment units. Let us face it, no matter how simple it​ looks; choosing CD/DVD/Plasma TV Stands Units is​ a​ tricky affair. Narrowing down on the options within budget and your requirement needs some thoughtful action.

Capacity & Space : Since media units are constantly on the expansion drive, it​ is​ important to​ choose the largest unit you can buy in​ the space you have on hands. Try to​ accommodate a​ bigger unit for the continually expanding CD and DVD collections.

Size of​ the room : Measure up the room and the area you need to​ put up the unit. What all would like to​ have in​ your media unit—Plasma/ DVD and CD players, speakers and other media collection? You get low-slung units that allow you all of​ it​ and some more space to​ display art and collectibles. Then there are regular media units with racks for storing CDs DVDs and music. Compare standard shelf size and determine the kind of​ space you will need to​ store and keep adding.

Some of​ the storage style options and their Shelving Units

Shelving Units : Shelving units are functional furniture pieces. Metal and wood shelving systems also come equipped with casters for mobility, and are found in​ all different sizes to​ fit in​ almost any dimension. There are modular units that can be assembled and dissembled easily and arranged the way you like, even hung from top. You get shelving systems in​ conventional and unconventional material for home and offices, bamboo shelving look great and bestow a​ room with a​ decorative and utilitarian value.

Bookcases : You have bookcases that can be used to​ store and display books and collectibles. Then there are ledger units that allow you the freedom to​ stack and display in​ style. You get units that allow multifunctional uses in​ style. Some bookcases are designed to​ be a​ combination of​ storage and display with a​ glass door and extra shelving cases and drawers for displaying art and collectibles. Pay attention to​ the depth of​ the shelves to​ accommodate larger books, ideally a​ 12-14 inch shelf is​ great for storing different sizes of​ books. Normally, bookcases are designed to​ stack against a​ wall to​ draw support, you can get creative and also use bookcases for dividing spaces, storing books, decorative and other uses. You get wooden bookcases constructed with hardwoods, glass, metal and a​ combination of​ material to​ fulfill modern and traditional decorative tastes.

Media Cabinets/ Entertainment Unit : Media Cabinets are available in​ all designs and sizes to​ accommodate sleek plasmas and TVs, and also provide space for storing collection and artifacts. Traditionally, media units were sort of​ shelving systems with limited space. Over the recent times, with media and storage consisting of​ CDs and DVDs, while the size of​ TVs getting slimmer, media units have come to​ mean modified Entertainment systems that allow you to​ stack your players and plasmas and collections and also allow open space to​ display. You can also opt for models placed on spinners with shelves on four sides, like those often seen in​ book stores for your collection.

Curio Cabinets : Curios are great furniture units with set of​ shelves and a​ large glass door. Normally used to​ store collectibles, glittering chinas and antique pieces, the curio shelving system is​ normally mirrored at​ the back and some are equipped with spotlights for display. it​ is​ a​ decorative unit often placed in​ the living area, and the designs are a​ great combination of​ wood and glass. Some even entail glass shelves for a​ transparent display. Used normally as​ a​ decorative unit, check out if​ the styling and design goes with the overall theme in​ your living area.

Wall Mounted Shelves : For limited space, wall-mounted shelves look great. You get free-standing units and wall mounted ones, depending on your availability of​ space and convenience, consider factors like mobility while deciding on the best choice. Once mounted on a​ wall, shelving units are difficult and time consuming to​ move them to​ another location, whereas free-standing shelves can simply be picked up and moved easily.

Corner Shelves : Corner shelves are useful as​ both free standing and wall mounted units. Usually fashioned to​ fit any wall corner between two walls, they are designed to​ save space and provide utility and decorative value to​ a​ space. Ideal for small spaces and apartments, you can buy corner shelves in​ different materials and turn it​ into a​ functional corner. Used in​ bathrooms, kitchens and lobbies to​ display and hold in​ style.

Shelf Liners : to​ protect shelves, you get liners made of​ cloth or​ plastic. They majorly help you protect the surface and make it​ easier to​ clean a​ shelving unit. Available in​ a​ range of​ color and finish, they are great for preventing slipping of​ small items through wire mesh shelves and can be cut to​ fit any size.

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