Stop Information Leaks With Bug Detectors

Whether we like it​ or​ not, spy technology is​ here to​ stay. Even if​ you aren’t the type of​ person who wants or​ needs to​ use such technology in​ your every day life, you may find that you need to​ protect yourself from being spied upon. Just as​ there are various ways to​ listen, record or​ video tape someone secretly, there are numerous ways to​ detect those same devices. These bug detectors are capable of​ finding not only the various types of​ bugs, but they are also capable of​ finding them regardless of​ where they might be hidden.

Some bug detectors can sweep a​ room or​ person and tell you immediately if​ they are bugged, regardless if​ the device is​ hard wired, radiating or​ just sitting there not even turned on yet. These bug detectors range in​ size and are anywhere from the size of​ a​ suitcase, to​ a​ hand held portable, to​ as​ small as​ a​ ball point pen, which, with a​ push of​ a​ button can detect hidden cameras and even wire taps. Bug detectors also can be cleverly disguised to​ resemble something as​ ordinary as​ a​ smoke detector that alerts you to​ the presence of​ radio transmitters, regardless if​ they were secretly placed in​ your home or​ office or​ if​ they are carried onto your premises.

Regardless of​ your needs, you can assure yourself and your customers of​ total and complete privacy when you when you use one of​ the many types available on the market today.

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