Stop Buying Traffic

Stop Buying Traffic

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What is​ a​ Traffic Scam?
A traffic scam is​ designed to​ give a​ false sense that you can spend any amount of​ money and you will magically begin to​ get high quality traffic. This cannot be any further from the truth. These scams are designed to​ bring you fake hits, popup, popunder and proxy based traffic. The worst quality you can imagine and none will ever yield a​ sale. Below you will see a​ list of​ the above items and what they actually are.

Popups These are ads that rudely popup into a​ surfers face when they are browsing or​ surfing the web. These were widely used in​ the 90's and now have been ported into rollover or​ flying ads that again are very intrusive to​ a​ surfer.

Popunders These types of​ ads are a​ bit more sneakier as​ they do not appear until all browsers are closed and there is​ an​ advertisement sitting on your desktop, again very intrusive.

Fake hit machines Yes, these exist and most of​ these traffic scams use them in​ a​ massive way. They setup scripts to​ change the referrer of​ a​ faked hit to​ make it​ appear like it​ is​ real and coming from somewhere.

Proxy hits This is​ by far the dirtiest tactic of​ them all. Server proxy lists are put together, shared and sometimes even sold to​ other people to​ use as​ a​ mask to​ hide themselves while they spam, spoof hits or​ possibly even worse like sending a​ virus from an​ internet cafe.

How to​ spot one?
Spotting out these hits is​ really not that difficult at​ all. Your average visitor will stay at​ the page for sometime before closing it. So have a​ look at​ your logs and see how long these guys stay. Take your average user and weigh that against some of​ the more suspicious ones. Keep in​ mind that bots such as​ Google or​ Yahoo Slurp will identify themselves very clearly in​ your logs and might have a​ short visit period. The unique visitor that stays 2 seconds and seems to​ stay only 2 seconds visit after visit is​ most likely a​ "fake" hit.

These companies even use these fake hits to​ boost PR and Alexa ranking. So don't judge these guys because they have a​ high ranking. it​ is​ very hard to​ find a​ really traffic provider that is​ not scamming to​ some degree.

If everyone is​ a​ scam then what is​ the solution?
Well not everyone is​ a​ scam but most of​ the "cheap hits" programs are. So we advise you stay away from all of​ them and just build the traffic yourself. Search engine traffic has proven time and time again to​ be the highest quality of​ traffic to​ a​ website. it​ is​ completely targeted to​ your audience because the user was searching for you.

The answer to​ building your traffic is​ quite simple - content is​ king. The idea is​ to​ build as​ much content as​ possible so that the search engines will come around spider then index your pages. Relative content will yield the results you seek. For example if​ you put together articles related to​ your "widget" and keywords appear in​ your article about these "wdigets" and what they do then there is​ a​ greater chance when some one searches for "super widget" that they will find your site.

There is​ a​ lot of​ calculation in​ a​ search engine algorithm but it​ has been proven that the one thing that remains the same is​ content out weighs all other factors.

How to​ I build effective pages?
We have designed our software Maximum Traffic with search engines algorithms as​ the primary goal. We allow you to​ build your pages quickly and effectively to​ get you the highest possible rankings in​ the search engines. Our 15 day trial version will even yield results in​ that short of​ a​ time.

Using the software once might work but to​ be successful for the long-term effect you need to​ build build build and then build some more.

Who are the scammers?
We cannot name the names of​ the site for legal reasons but we can say most of​ them are the same site moving form domain name to​ domain name because of​ getting a​ bad reputation. These sites saturate the market and then move the domain to​ a​ new one and claim that they are the new kid on the block with the best traffic. Don't get duped by these guys, do a​ Whois on the domain, call the company up, find a​ physical address and call these guys out. Do not let them take your hard earned money and give you nothing in​ return.

We hope that this article has shed some light on this internet craze. The thing to​ remember is​ that search engine optimization takes time and most of​ all patience. Lack of​ patience will just have you spending money in​ the wrong places. We have developed a​ line of​ products for people to​ use that will get them results - end of​ story. We are in​ this long term and will be around for many more years to​ come.

Creating a​ successful product allows us to​ never have to​ worry about customer satisfaction or​ having to​ pickup and move our shop because of​ a​ bad reputation. We feel that if​ we are upfront and honest with each and every person then in​ the long run they will understand that we are all in​ this together. We all should be helping each other have successful web sites and no trying to​ steal each others profits.

Put yourself in​ the surfer's shoes for a​ moment. Would you open any of​ those intrusive ads? So then why would anyone want to​ open yours or​ furthermore want to​ use your service by finding it​ in​ a​ popup or​ popunder ad?

Good luck and God bless.

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