Steroids Use In Sports And Their Effects

With the​ development of​ society, competition grows harder in​ every aspect of​ life. Competitive sports are no exception. Athletes, bodybuilders, models etc. are always looking to​ enhance their performance in​ their respective fields, naturally or​ otherwise. Driven by their obsession to​ reach higher levels in​ their careers, many sportspeople are willing to​ use any means necessary to​ make sure they gain the​ competitive edge.

The use of​ steroids in​ sports has been recorded as​ early as​ 2000 years ago. Back then, athletes were known to​ consume various herbs and​ even ram testicles. Apparently, these were sources of​ testosterone, from which the​ modern-day anabolic steroids are derived or​ processed. Today, due to​ the​ advent of​ these anabolic steroids, overdose and​ wrong usage are the​ major problems concerning steroids.

Many athletes fail to​ consider the​ side effects and​ abuse these substances. This leads to​ a​ variety of​ health-related repercussions, including chronic diseases. Due to​ this form of​ abuse, major sports bodies of​ the​ world have now explicitly banned the​ use of​ anabolic steroids. These bodies include the​ Olympics, FIFA, NHL, NFL etc. These organizations require athletes to​ undergo various doping tests before they are allowed to​ participate in​ any events. Athletes found guilty of​ steroid intake are immediately banned from competition.

It has been discovered by various surveys that steroids are used in​ large quantities by high-school athletes who are barely over their adolescence. This, combined with popular abuse, forced governments around the​ world to​ impose severe restrictions on these substances. the​ United States now reserves anabolic steroids under “controlled substances”. it​ is​ illegal for​ anyone to​ purchase them without proper medical prescription. So, you must be extremely careful if​ you wish to​ buy or​ use anabolic steroids, as​ any illegal dealings can potentially land you in​ prison. You must also consider the​ harmful effects and​ be responsible when considering these drugs.

Steroids in​ sports
Steroids are used in​ almost all levels of​ bodybuilding and​ competitive sports. These include baseball, basketball, track and​ field events, cricket, boxing, wrestling, soccer and​ even the​ Olympics. Recent studies show that a​ high concentration of​ steroid usage has been found in​ high schools and​ amateur sporting events. This means that athletes are ready to​ do whatever it​ takes to​ take achieve success in​ their athletic careers.

Until the​ 1950’s anabolic steroids in​ sports were relatively unknown. Ancient athletes stuck to​ using special herbs or​ meat to​ increase their hormone levels and​ give them the​ athletic boost they wanted. in​ recent years, sportsmen have taken to​ anabolic steroids, although they know how harmful these substances can be when used without proper guidance.

The first instance of​ steroid use in​ sports was discovered in​ the​ 1954 Olympics. Immediately, hordes of​ athletes caught on to​ this trend, and​ recognizing the​ dangers, the​ Olympic committee banned their use. But, the​ savvy sportsmen weren’t ready to​ give up yet. They began using disguised or​ stealth steroids which could not be detected by the​ standard doping tests. This was when all major sports bodies began banning anabolic steroids. Hence, the​ battle began to​ make sure that doping was stopped.

Even today, athletes continue to​ cloak their steroid usage and​ benefit from them in​ competition. Despite many attempts by activist organizations to​ increase public awareness, sportspeople, including aspiring high-school athletes still use anabolic steroids without realizing the​ deadly side-effects. These range from heart-diseases to​ emotional imbalances to​ infertility.

Thanks to​ all the​ controversy created by these substances, major world governments have now imposed serious bans over the​ usage of​ anabolic steroids. They are now considered “controlled drugs” and​ are no longer available for​ purchase without proper medical prescription. it​ must also be noted that once purchased, steroids must be consumed or​ injected only with professional guidance.

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