Steps To Switching To A New Web Hosting

Steps To Switching To A New Web Hosting

New Web Hosting Company Switching to​ a​ major lacework hosting interest can be a​ rigid task, but we have provided you a​ guide of​ things to​ carry off that can go into your transition inimitably smoother.

1. Before you concede unfolding for​ your new web hosting services, make sure that your new plan offers all of​ the​ same features that your web site is​ currently using. Do you have enough disk space? Does your new plan offer enough bandwidth? is​ it​ using the​ same operating system (Windows or​ Unix)? Also make sure that your new plan supports any programming languages that you are currently using.

2. Once you have researched the​ company and​ verified that the​ new web hosting company will support your website, go ahead and​ sign up for​ your new web hosting plan.

3. Set up your existing e-mail accounts on your new server. Make note of​ the​ new POP3 and​ SMTP that you will soon need to​ start using.

4. Upload your website files to​ your new server. Since your domain name currently points to​ your old hosting account, you will have to​ use your new IP address to​ do this.

5. Test to​ make sure that your site looks good and​ functions properly on your new server. Most web hosting companies can provide a​ link to​ preview your site before the​ domain name has been transferred over.

6. Once you are satisfied that your site looks and​ functions OK, you can go to​ your registrar and​ change the​ DNS settings to​ point the​ domain to​ the​ new web host's nameservers. You should be provided this information after signing up for​ your account.

7. You will see your site on the​ new server 24-48 hours after you modify the​ DNS settings. Your e-mail will also start going to​ your new account at​ this time.

8. Verify that your new website is​ working OK. Make sure that all of​ the​ files were loaded properly and​ that all scripts are running fine. You have now successfully switched to​ a​ new cheap web hosting company!

Steps To Switching To A New Web Hosting

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