Step By Step Create Productive Property Web Site

Step by step, create , productive property web site
Its about time you will have a​ web site for​ your property, it​ easy, cheap and​ it​ will take you two steps
foreword from were you stand today among the​ competitors in​ your race .​
Why I​ need it​ ? is​ not a​ secret that many markets, especially the​ sell by owner markets,
there is​ a​ big movement from many old ways of​ marketing ,to one main marketing tool, the​ Internet!
Not to​ be part of​ it​ is​ like to​ close your eyes to​ reality and​ never really rich to​ a​ point you will
be able to​ drain most of​ your property potential .​
But I​ know nothing about sites and​ Internet as​ well. .​
So you better read the​ next lines and​ you will be surprise to​ find that to​ build a​ web site,
good as​ most of​ the​ sites you can see on the​ net today, is​ really not a​ hard task and​ there is​ no reason in​ the​ world ,
you will spent more then 100$ to​ accomplished that .​
First step to​ began with, will be to​ prouch a​ domain .​
a​ few ,simple rules you will have to​ follow.
The domain of​ your site its the​ site's address ,so anyone who wants to​ visit there will be able to​ do it.
In every place you will decide to​ advertising your site, you will do it​ by place your domain, with or​ without text,
so people will be able to​ see it, Click on it​ and​ enter your site.
In other words ,the domain its the​ door for​ your site and​ in​ many ways will be function as​ the​ name of​ your site, too .​
its not hard to​ figure that when you choose the​ domain you better keep it​ short,and try as​ you can,
that it​ will be with good connotation to​ the​ property it​ represent.
that way, when people will see your domain they will know about what we talking here ,from the​ first moment.
Spaces are not aloud and​ you must use only small letters .​
you can choose to​ put signs lika -, _ , for​ separate words.
any domain will contain the​ domain name, a​ dot after and​ then an​ ending, that the​ ending can be com (the most common)
or you will be able also to​ choose a​ specific ending represent a​ specific country, gr for​ Greece, fr for​ France and​ e.c.
Domain examples:
How we actually do it .​
very simple, we must buy a​ domain, for​ no more then 9$
you will be able to​ own the​ domain for​ your site .​
Many co .​
sell domains,
they all in​ their sites will guide you how to​ check that your domain wasn't chosen already,
by someone else and​ if​ the​ domain doesn't has writing problems,
they will lead you (you can be sure) to​ fast and​ easy purchase.
We recommends on two of​ them, from the​ most recognized and​ reliable companies in​ that filed,
good prices and​ service and​ whats more important, those co .​
will be a​ very good server to​ your site
in case you will choose one of​ them and​ its take us strait to​ the​ next step, the​ server issue .​
(at article 2)

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