Steam Carpet Cleaning Equipment

Steam Carpet Cleaning Equipment

Carpet steam cleaners use a​ variety of​ different carpet cleaning equipment. There are gas powered truck mounted machines, electric truck mounted machines and​ electric portable machines. This article will provide you with the​ basic differences between these machines.
The first machine is​ a​ gas truck mount carpet cleaner. This is​ one of​ the​ most common machines used in​ the​ carpet cleaning industry. This machine uses either the​ trucks engine or​ a​ separate gas engine to​ drive a​ vacuum blower and​ water pump. These machines have the​ capacity to​ provide the​ greatest amount of​ vacuum and​ the​ highest heat. They are the​ preferred piece of​ steam cleaning equipment because of​ their power, speed and​ efficiency. With this machine, the​ cleaner only needs to​ bring 2 hoses into your home. This eliminates the​ need to​ bring bulky equipment into your hose and​ decreases noise in​ your home.
Electric truck mounted cleaners are another type of​ carpet cleaning machine. They are similar to​ gas truck mounts but they use an​ electric motor to​ drive a​ vacuum blower and​ water pump. They are nice because they are a​ little more environmentally friendly and​ they are much quieter to​ run. They do not provide as​ much vacuum power as​ gas powered machines but do an​ adequate job. With this machine a​ cleaner also only needs to​ bring 2 hoses into your home.
The last machine I will discuss is​ a​ portable carpet cleaning machine. This machine uses electricity to​ power a​ vacuum motor and​ water pump. All of​ the​ equipment is​ located in​ a​ portable assembly that the​ cleaner will bring into your home. This machine is​ great for​ areas not serviceable by truck mounted machines like apartments and​ high rises. it​ does not provide as​ much power as​ the​ the truck mount machines but it​ has enough power to​ get the​ job done. the​ drawback of​ this machine is​ that the​ cleaner must bring it​ into your home and​ it​ can be loud and​ cumbersome to​ use.
While there are other carpet cleaning machines, these are the​ 3 most common steam cleaners. Remember, carpet cleaning machines are just tools. Even the​ best machine will not get the​ job done with a​ bad operator. You should choose your carpet cleaning service based on the​ skill, ethics and​ motivation of​ your carpet cleaner.

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