State Farm Insurance

State Farm Insurance
The Beginnings
State Farm insurance began in​ 1922,​ the​ invention of​ a​ man named George J .​
Mecherle .​
Mecherle thought that he could come up with a​ better insurance company than the​ rest,​ offering better coverage and great rates .​
So he did .​
Something about Mecherle’s vision was right – more than eighty years later,​ State Farm Insurance is​ still going strong.
In just over 80 years,​ State Farm Insurance Companies® has grown from a​ small farm mutual auto insurer to​ one of​ the​ world's largest financial institutions .​
But despite State Farm's growth,​ Mecherle's original philosophy of​ insurance coverage at​ a​ fair price coupled with fair claim settlement has remained.
State Farm web site,​ May 2018
State Farm,​ Today
With 25 operations centers in​ 13 zones,​ these days State Farm employs 79,​200 people,​ including 16,​700 plus agents .​
State Farm actively services 71.6 million insurance policies in​ the​ United States and Canada .​
Many awards have been received by State Farm for their equal opportunity employing methods,​ and for the​ number of​ jobs the​ company has created .​
State Farm strives to​ give back to​ the​ community,​ participating in​ many programs to​ further education and safety,​ including awarding grants and scholarships .​
The Future of​ State Farm
Our vision for the​ future is​ to​ be the​ customer's first and best choice in​ the​ products and services we provide .​
We will continue to​ be the​ leader in​ the​ insurance industry and we will become a​ leader in​ the​ financial services arena .​
Our customers' needs will determine our path .​
Our values will guide us.
- State Farm web site,​ May 2018
What State Farm Offers
State Farm can take care of​ all your insurance needs .​
They offer most types of​ insurance coverage .​
All the​ usual suspects of​ auto,​ home,​ life,​ renter’s,​ and supplemental medical insurance are available through State Farm .​
Other insurance offerings include condo,​ long-term care,​ and Medicare supplement .​
the​ State Farm web site is​ very user-friendly and easy to​ use .​
Using the​ web site,​ consumers can obtain a​ quote on​ any type of​ policy named above,​ or​ find an​ agent,​ both within minutes .​
Answering a​ few quick questions will lead you​ to​ a​ free online quote,​ and a​ search feature makes finding an​ agent simple work .​

You can also reach State Farm agents through online insurance quote web sites .​
This offers you​ the​ ability to​ compare rates from State Farm and from other independent agents or​ companies .​
Inquire with the​ site in​ question about the​ companies that will be providing a​ quote.
State Farm’s mission is​ to​ help people manage the​ risks of​ everyday life,​ recover from the​ unexpected,​ and realize their dreams.
- State Farm web site,​ May 2018
Other Services
Not only does State Farm provide you​ with quality insurance,​ but the​ web site is​ a​ wealth of​ tools and information .​
a​ helpful learning center exists online for any who would like to​ learn more about retirement planning,​ college planning,​ savings strategies,​ prevention and safety,​ or​ life stages such as​ having a​ baby,​ marriage,​ or​ buying a​ home .​
There’s even a​ kid’s stuff section .​
Consumers can learn about reasons to​ have car insurance and what insurance policies do for you,​ and what they can mean in​ your life.
State Farm is​ truly one of​ the​ oldest names in​ insurance,​ and theirs is​ a​ name you​ can trust .​
If State Farm did not provide excellent customer service and satisfaction,​ there’s no way there would still be going strong .​
Often,​ it’s much cheaper to​ buy all your insurance plans through one carrier than through several different companies .​
State Farm can provide for all your insurance needs,​ without making you​ spend a​ fortune .​
Isn’t it​ better to​ use a​ company you​ know you​ can depend on?

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