State Car Auctions

State Car Auctions

State car auctions are very similar to​ local state auctions. the​ only difference is​ that the​ vehicles have been obtained through an​ arrest of​ some kind. Often, the​ vehicles have been used in​ an​ illegal action.

State car auctions are held at​ the​ state offices. in​ Michigan, that would be in​ the​ city of​ Lansing. Here the​ titles are ran and​ the​ vehicles are put up at​ ridiculously low amounts. an​ experienced dealer can walk away with a​ real steal. Not too often is​ the​ public invite unless the​ vehicle becomes difficult to​ move.

The monies taken in​ from state car auctions commonly go to​ government accounts. No one really profits, well at​ least they’re not suppose to. Police stations sometimes hold government auctions and​ state vehicles are auctioned off.

Typically, you will see specialty SUV’s, police cars, and​ other government vehicles auctioned at​ a​ government auction as​ well. Those working within the​ government can only purchase these vehicles.

Most of​ these vehicles are in​ good condition. the​ state has hired someone to​ repair the​ vehicles. the​ vehicles are equipped with bulletproof glass, GPS tracking system, and​ all of​ the​ toys you could imagine.

Some authentic material can be purchased on sites like EBAY. Even then, why buy something you can research in​ your local library or​ online. the​ buyer really needs to​ pay attention to​ what he is​ buying.

Beware of​ websites that promote themselves as​ “a gateway to​ State car auctions”. These sites charge for​ their services. the​ material they provide you with is​ nothing but old material. You could find stuff at​ your local library if​ you look hard enough. for​ $99 or​ more, they send you a​ list of​ government auctions that are boggiest.

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