Starting Your Own Computer Repair Business

Starting Your Own Computer Repair Business

Starting Your Own Computer Repair Business
You have a​ passion for working on​ a​ computer and you like fixing computer problems .​
Time to​ open your own computer repair business right? Well.. .​
Make sure you have good answers for the​ following questions.
How badly do you want it? Starting a​ business is​ not for the​ faint of​ heart .​
You'll work lots of​ hours for lots of​ months before you'll be making a​ good living .​
You'll also have to​ go out and make lots of​ sales calls and endure some less than nice people in​ the​ process .​
If you have the​ stomach and the​ guts to​ push through that,​ you are on​ the​ right path,​ read on.
Once you've determined that you are serious about this business thing,​ you'll need to​ make sure you have enough money to​ do it​ right .​
Remember that most people underestimate the​ amount of​ money it​ will take to​ run a​ business .​
It's easy to​ think that you won't need much but consider some basic costs .​
You'll need some money for computer parts .​
You'll most likely need either a​ cell phone and a​ landline phone or​ both .​
You'll need to​ consider expenses like gas for your vehicle and some advertising expenses that will cover at​ least a​ basic form of​ advertising like flyers and the​ yellow pages.
Consider the​ tools you'll need as​ well .​
Things like some screwdrivers,​ some extra parts like some extra computer cases,​ computer screws,​ magnifying glass,​ flashlight,​ duct tape,​ overalls,​ business cards,​ and a​ carrying case to​ name a​ few items .​
There is​ nothing worse than not having the​ tools you need to​ do business .​
Not only will you lose time,​ you could also potentially lose the​ respect of​ your customer .​
This in​ turn can lead to​ either loosing their business or​ at​ the​ very least making it​ less likely they'll refer more business your way.

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