Starting Your Own Business The Great American Dream Or A Nightmare

Starting Your Own Business The Great American Dream Or A Nightmare

Starting Your Own Business,​ the​ Great American Dream Or a​ Nightmare!
How often have you dreamed of​ living a​ more rewarding life .​
Perhaps you simply want to​ accomplish more or​ maybe it’s your wish or​ dream to​ leave that lasting legacy for future generations of​ your family .​
Have you,​ just like so many Americans,​ written down those Goals in​ good faith and then put them off until tomorrow? Well,​ by now I​ am sure you are well aware that Tomorrow Never Comes.
America is​ considered by many other countries in​ the​ world as​ the​ land of​ opportunity,​ new ideas and hope and in​ most respects that is​ as​ true today as​ it​ was sixty years ago.
Millions of​ Americans who spend their working lives stuck in​ a​ cubicle dream of​ starting their own business,​ odds are most will continue doing just that,​ dreaming .​
Why is​ that,​ for most it​ will be the​ fear for the​ unknown or​ are they just too afraid to​ give up that regular paycheck .​
One thing is​ for certain there's a​ lot of​ entrepreneurial dreaming going on​ out there .​
is​ owning your own business and being your own boss the​ Great American Dream or​ your worst nightmare!
There really is​ nothing that prepares us for the​ real world .​
If your parents were like mine,​ you were told to​ work hard at​ school,​ get good grades,​ find a​ great paying job and enjoy all the​ benefits along the​ road to​ retirement .​
The world has moved on​ since those days,​ with many of​ the​ major companies downsizing or​ outsourcing to​ cheaper overseas labor markets and as​ such,​ many Americans are now finding themselves falling well short of​ what they had hoped for .​
a​ high ranking police officer once told me that FEAR is​ the​ biggest crime in​ America today .​
You should never allow the​ fear of​ getting it​ wrong or​ making a​ mistake to​ stop you from getting where you deserve to​ be .​
That is​ a​ crime! the​ only people who never make mistakes are the​ people who are doing nothing .​
It’s as​ simple as​ that!
There are a​ large number of​ reasons why new businesses fail .​
The three main reasons are (1) Failure to​ Plan,​ (2) Laziness and (3) Arrogance .​
All of​ the​ most successful people in​ the​ world seem to​ use the​ two most precious gifts given to​ us,​ their minds and their time .​
They use these to​ great effect .​
The difference between success and failure is​ our state of​ mind .​
If you choose to​ believe that someone else should do everything for us because we​ deserve it,​ then you will fail .​
If,​ on​ the​ other hand,​ you really believe you are the​ master of​ your own destiny,​ then as​ long as​ you have the​ knowledge required there is​ no limit to​ what you can achieve.
Does it​ really have to​ be one or​ the​ other .​
I​ recently held a​ workshop for new business owners and almost all of​ them had financed their big dream,​ one paycheck at​ a​ time .​
They have used their jobs as​ a​ springboard to​ success .​
They had all understood the​ importance of​ creating and developing their markets before jumping into that great unknown .​
The success of​ most businesses depends on​ a​ product or​ service that has to​ be sold to​ others who need or​ want it .​
So why would you leave your current job when you have a​ captive market place.
For most people,​ starting their own business is​ nothing more than a​ distant dream,​ maybe they’ll win the​ lotto or​ some rich relative will die and leave them the​ money they need to​ secure the​ life they want .​
I​ learned from my father at​ a​ very young age that we​ and we​ alone have full control of​ our own destiny.
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