Starting Web Hosting

The whole concept of​ web hosting is​ quite interesting. When you visit a​ website a​ web page is​ shown. This web page is​ downloaded from the​ server where web site is​ hosted to​ your web browser. a​ website contains many web pages which are made up of​ graphic images and​ texts. These web pages are stored on the​ server and​ are downloaded to​ web browser when somebody needs to​ view them.

So if​ you intend to​ host a​ website then first thing which you must have is​ a​ web host who will be providing you the​ web space over the​ server for​ your website. the​ host proving this hosting facility is​ called web hosting company or​ provider. Once your website is​ on the​ server then the​ users can access it​ through internet and​ requested pages will be downloaded to​ his browser on clicking on the​ links.

A well established host can provide hosting facility to​ a​ number of​ websites. ‘Hostgator’, a​ well known hosting provider hosts more than 4 lakh websites on its servers. for​ this it​ requires many web servers for​ hosting these websites. After this these servers are connected to​ the​ internet. These servers are kept in​ a​ physical ‘data centers’. Since these data centers are needed to​ be functional all the​ time so these data centers are made fully secure with 24X7 power-backup. Proper arrangements are there to​ protect these from fire. These have virus detection programs and​ temperature control systems with proper data back-up facility. Arrangements for​ disaster recovery are also needed for​ these data canters in​ case of​ any major disaster.

Now as​ far a​ web hosting is​ concerned, it​ can be of​ many types- shared hosting, dedicated hosting, co-location hosting and​ reseller hosting. in​ shared hosting there are several websites which share a​ common space on the​ server. Since a​ server can host numerous websites people think that the​ performance of​ the​ server deteriorates with the​ increase in​ number of​ websites that are being hosted on the​ server, but this is​ totally wrong as​ servers are equipped with high end components to​ cater to​ such loads.

In case of​ dedicated hosting, a​ customer is​ provided with a​ specific server. Since the​ server is​ dedicated to​ one customer only, he can host as​ many websites as​ he wants on that server. in​ case of​ dedicated hosting the​ customer has the​ option of​ changing software configuration and​ he can handle large site traffic. the​ charges for​ dedicated hosting quite high and​ can range from $50 to​ $500 per month depending upon the​ facilities provided by the​ company. in​ case on co-location hosting, the​ customer can also own the​ hardware of​ the​ web server with all the​ facilities of​ dedicated hosting. it​ provides more flexibility to​ the​ customer in​ terms of​ maintenance and​ control.

In reseller hosting a​ web space is​ offered to​ a​ party at​ some discounted price by the​ provider and​ this party can resell this space to​ some other customer in​ order to​ make profit.

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