Starting A Smoothie Business

Starting A Smoothie Business

Is there room in​ your town for a​ Smoothie business? Juice bars are popping up in​ most towns and cities in​ the​ UK. Their offering is​ healthy,​ nutritious,​ easy to​ make,​ fun and very tasty!

Fruit & vegetable juices definitely beat most other foods having lower calories,​ higher vitamin and mineral content and are low in​ fat. They have been recognized as​ preventing many types of​ illnesses caused by our fast food / low nutrition diet.

Every fruit and vegetable has its own unique mixture of​ vitamins and minerals which you can use to​ make up for many deficiencies in​ your diet.

Juice on​ the​ move - they are great to​ be consumed on​ the​ move in​ this high pace world in​ which we​ live in. With a​ decent lid and a​ straw you are unlikely to​ make a​ mess either in​ your office or​ car. Who has the​ time to​ sit down,​ peel fruit,​ eat it​ and then wash your hands?

You can offer supplements in​ your juice like added Vitamin C,​ Ginseng,​ Mint or​ even Garlic to​ make your offering even more tempting to​ the​ new vitamin popping generation. Why not go the​ full distance and serve organic fruit and vegetable juices?

Profit margins are good and equipment costs are low. All you need are several juice machines,​ good quality fruit & vegetables,​ nice decor and the​ ability to​ work hard.

You need to​ have the​ right type of​ footfall though. Find a​ site that has a​ lot of​ younger people passing by. Ideal location would be in​ walking distance of​ a​ large trendy shopping mall and a​ big complex of​ offices.

Initial expenses can be high for marketing your new business. You have to​ let people know you have arrived by sending out emails & doing leaflet drops. Advertise in​ the​ local newspaper and radio. Offer free juice to​ the​ first thousand customers and people are sure to​ know that you have arrived!

Try and come up with trendy names for your juices. it​ might be just pure orange juice to​ you but how about "Refreshing Orange Bang" for a​ name? Your apple juice could be called "The Green Devil" whilst carrot juice could possible be named "The Energizer".

Branding is​ everything in​ this business. Choose trendy colors that immediately scream fruit. Use reds,​ greens & orange in​ your logo and shop front design. Your slogan should echo the​ healthy aspects of​ your products. Possible slogans could include "Crave the​ taste & Improve your Health" or​ how about "The Juice that Packs a​ Healthy Punch"?

Smoothies are not just fruit drinks; they can also be an​ alternative to​ a​ snack or​ light meal for people who are worried about their expanding waistlines. Add healthy,​ easy to​ make sandwiches to​ complement your nutritious range.

Making fruit juice is​ easy. the​ real challenge lies in​ picking the​ right site,​ establishing your brand,​ building goodwill (and reputation) and generating repeat business.

For the​ entrepreneur starting out in​ business,​ a​ juice bar can be a​ fun business with decent profit potential.

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