Starting An Oven Cleaning Business

Starting An Oven Cleaning Business

Sounds simple enough doesn’t it​ ?… couple of​ buckets,​ handful of​ old rags and some aerosol spray. Get a​ few flyers photocopied and away you go!

Statistically in​ the​ UK 85% of​ new businesses fail in​ their first year so starting an​ oven cleaning business,​ as​ any other business,​ needs careful thought,​ planning and number crunching.

There are two basic ways of​ starting an​ oven cleaning business. You could start your oven cleaning business on​ your own with help perhaps from your family and your local friendly bank manager or​ you may consider investing into an​ existing oven cleaning or,​ even better,​ an​ oven valeting franchise. We’ll look at​ the​ franchised route to​ business in​ a​ moment but let’s first investigate starting on​ your own.

There are many aspects to​ starting your own oven cleaning business. the​ first thing to​ take into account as​ this is​ a​ mobile service is​ which vehicle will be appropriate. Will this be a​ car or​ a​ van ? Will whichever you choose look right in​ the​ eyes of​ your potential customers?

You’ll then need to​ investigate what equipment will be required to​ actually do the​ job.

Then there are things like insurances in​ case something goes wrong… Not just third party liability insurance but also cover in​ case the​ oven you’re working on​ (that may cost hundreds of​ pounds to​ replace) gets broken!

Of course you’re going to​ need a​ name to​ ‘trade as’ and this name will need some thought and investigation so it​ doesn’t infringe any existing oven cleaning business’ trademarks or​ registered marks.

A massive consideration when thinking about starting an​ oven cleaning business is​ who is​ going to​ teach you what can and can’t be done ? Will this person have the​ right qualifications to​ teach other people what to​ do? Has the​ person or​ company got ISO accreditation for example? All very important questions to​ ask.

Then you’ll need to​ look at​ continuity of​ materials and supplies. With the​ rapidly changing rules and regulations regarding oven cleaning business trade waste,​ you’ll need to​ find out if​ it’s possible to​ dispose of​ waste legally and,​ if​ so,​ where and at​ what cost. There’s maybe a​ bit more to​ starting your own oven cleaning business than might have been immediately apparent.

All of​ the​ steps above should be carried out diligently and this is​ before you’ve even considered getting customers to​ use your oven cleaning service!!

You may be aware that advertising doesn’t come cheap and mistakes can be very costly indeed. an​ enormous amount of​ time,​ effort and money may be required to​ even get a​ couple of​ inquiries in​ to​ your new and unheard of​ oven cleaning business.

At this point it​ all looks doom and gloom but,​ there is​ an​ alternative way of​ owning an​ oven cleaning business with significantly less risk… invest in​ an​ oven cleaning or​ oven valeting franchise.

Investing in​ an​ oven cleaning and oven valeting franchised business may well give you what you are looking for. an​ oven cleaning business that you own but a​ business that operates under a​ far larger corporate image. There are over 700 franchised brands in​ the​ UK alone operating in​ many different sectors of​ business. Some you may have heard of​ any many that you haven’t.

An oven valeting franchise ‘ticks all the​ boxes’ as​ the​ majority,​ (if not all),​ of​ the​ potential problems of​ struggling to​ set up on​ your own have been overcome by the​ holding company. the​ company is​ known as​ the​ franchisor.

The franchiser will have many years experience in​ establishing oven valeting businesses in​ the​ UK and possibly abroad as​ well. the​ franchiser will know all of​ the​ tried and tested methods and systems required for an​ oven cleaning and oven valeting business to​ be successful. the​ franchiser will have a​ strong brand image that will have been built over many years utilizing various local and national marketing initiatives to​ ensure franchisees get off to​ a​ flying start and quickly establish a​ profitable oven valeting business. Quality initial training and on-going help and support will be readily available especially if​ the​ franchiser is​ a​ full member of​ the​ British Franchise Association (BFA).

An oven valeting business operated under a​ franchise license is​ therefore an​ excellent route to​ market with massively reduced risk.

There are many information portals relating to​ starting in​ business generally and many relating to​ operating franchises.

A site to​ check for sure on​ investing in​ an​ established and market leading oven valeting franchised business is​ Simply click the​ flag of​ the​ country where you are to​ find out more.

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