Starting A Florist Business

Starting A Florist Business

Running a​ florist business is​ extremely hard work as​ most independent florists are open six days a​ week although some do close early on​ Wednesday. if​ you buy your flowers from the​ markets then you will have to​ wake up really early so that you can buy your stock & have your shop ready for business at​ 8:30am.

Supermarkets have eaten into profit margins by offering cut price bouquets for as​ little as​ a​ few dollars. There is​ still money to​ be made though if​ you live in​ a​ well to​ do area and target the​ upper end of​ the​ market.

People in​ the​ UK love giving flowers as​ a​ special gift for occasions like Valentines Day,​ Mother's Day,​ weddings and the​ birth of​ a​ new child. Flowers are the​ ideal gift item to​ express your feelings for a​ loved one.

The biggest mistake an​ entrepreneur can make is​ to​ open a​ florist with no prior experience. You can attend courses in​ flower arranging at​ many colleges and there are flower arranging clubs in​ most cities. in​ my opinion this is​ still not enough to​ run a​ florist successfully.

For people that love the​ idea of​ running a​ florist,​ I would advice them to​ work in​ a​ florist shop for at​ least six months before opening up their own store. Experience,​ creativity and attention to​ detail are all required to​ design a​ beautiful bouquet. an​ experienced florist can fast track your learning curve and teach you the​ tricks of​ the​ trade.

So how much does opening a​ florist business actually cost? it​ is​ possible to​ open a​ florist for as​ little $25,​000 but the​ price can vary substantially depending on​ location. a​ high street location would require a​ minimum of​ $50,​000 if​ you have a​ good credit rating and can persuade the​ banks to​ lend on​ a​ one to​ one basis.

The above figures assume that you are leasing the​ property and not buying it! if​ you are planning on​ offering a​ delivery service than add in​ the​ cost of​ purchasing,​ maintaining and a​ delivery van. it​ is​ often cheaper in​ the​ longer term to​ use taxis to​ deliver your bouquets.

Turnover is​ very erratic in​ a​ florist business with most of​ your sales happening on​ special occasions,​ although funerals,​ birthdays and corporate events do help to​ stabilize sales a​ bit. Having staff ready for the​ special occasions can make or​ break your business. in​ the​ long term these peaks of​ high demand will cause a​ lot of​ stress.

Having researched the​ florist market,​ I would advice against opening a​ florist retail outlet. the​ hours are long,​ the​ work is​ hard,​ the​ market is​ cut throat and in​ the​ winter it​ can be particularly hard work going to​ the​ markets at​ 5:00am.

Supermarkets are eating into the​ margins at​ the​ lower end of​ the​ price bracket whilst online floristry services are providing exceptional prices and service at​ the​ luxury end.

It might be great to​ "say it​ with flowers" but the​ industry is​ far too competitive for my liking.

Starting A Florist Business

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