Starting A Fast Food Sandwich Business

Starting A Fast Food Sandwich Business

Starting a​ fast food business,​ especially your first one can be extremely daunting as​ there is​ so much to​ learn before you can start trading. But if​ you get it​ right you could be laughing all the​ way to​ the​ bank!

People will always need to​ eat and with the​ pace of​ life picking up,​ and the​ projected growth in​ population forecast for the​ UK over the​ next decade,​ there has never been a​ better time to​ start. There is​ definitely an​ opportunity for an​ independent fast food retailer to​ grab a​ slice of​ the​ profits as​ many people are fed up of​ the​ traditional fast food franchises.

I would definitely avoid going down the​ traditional route of​ selling juicy burgers,​ fried chicken,​ hot dogs,​ fries,​ milk shakes & soft drinks. This segment of​ the​ market is​ already well catered for and you will find it​ difficult to​ improve on​ the​ existing outlets already available. There has also recently been a​ backlash over fast food outlets selling unhealthy fried food.

Fish and chip shops are another no-go area. Margins admittedly are high and if​ you find the​ right location you could be serving unhealthy but profitable food to​ the​ whole neighborhood. I personally do not like the​ idea of​ working in​ a​ hot greasy environment seven days a​ week.

I actually like the​ new types of​ fast food shops that are opening up serving gourmet sandwiches made on​ freshly baked bread. They use quality ingredients and make up mouth watering sandwiches whilst you watch. Customers have a​ range of​ delicious bread and rolls to​ choose from and they can customize each sandwich to​ their own tastes.

You can add to​ your range by selling a​ complement of​ lovely home made soups,​ aromatic coffee,​ tea and soft drinks. This route to​ people's appetites has ample room for enterprising newcomers and the​ margins are high. You are also serving healthy,​ nutritious food and the​ market is​ definitely moving in​ this direction.

You do not need to​ worry about maintaining fryers,​ grillers or​ ovens as​ there is​ little cooking involved. Many of​ the​ fillings can be prepared early in​ the​ morning or​ the​ night before. You can supply your product on​ quality foil backed paper packaging that protects the​ food and also serves as​ a​ vessel to​ eat from and catch the​ crumbs.

Could this type of​ business opportunity be right for you? the​ hours are long and you will need to​ be open early to​ catch the​ people before they start work. Then there is​ the​ lunch time frenzy as​ people queue up for your delicious sandwiches. Finally you will have to​ also cater for people once they have finished work.

Start-up costs are low,​ and for anyone willing to​ work hard,​ the​ margins are very good. a​ site will have to​ be found that has a​ high volume of​ footfall. a​ decent sandwich shop can be set up with as​ little $25,​000 ready cash and a​ helpful bank manager.

The market is​ demanding though and you will have to​ splash out on​ decent fixtures and fittings and a​ great store front to​ create an​ inviting,​ contemporary setting. if​ you do get the​ ingredients right,​ this could be the​ start to​ a​ lucrative business chain serving healthy nutritious food.

Starting A Fast Food Sandwich Business

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