Start Your Own Business 19

Have you ever stopped to​ think about the​ goals that you have made for your life? we​ have all had plans and dreams about what we​ want to​ achieve in​ our life time .​
When I​ was in​ college I​ had thought about many things that I​ wanted to​ accomplish .​
Then life began to​ happen and many of​ my dreams were set aside to​ deal with the​ reality of​ what was going on​ .​
Instead of​ working on​ my master’s degree I​ was raising a​ family and keeping my household running .​
I​ was enjoying my children and my relationship with my husband but so many things that I​ wanted out of​ my life seemed to​ be slipping away with the​ passage of​ time .​
When my last child finished high school and entered college I​ decided that it​ was time to​ once again focus on​ some of​ my dreams and goals.
When I​ first started working I​ had decided that I​ did not want to​ spend my entire working life working for someone else .​
I​ knew that as​ an​ employee I​ was helping to​ make my employer rich and that I​ would never see the​ full benefits of​ the​ time and effort that I​ put in​ .​
I​ knew that the​ way people made big money was to​ start your own business .​
I​ was beginning to​ realize that I​ needed to​ act on​ this soon or​ I​ would be working longer than I​ wanted to​ .​
My husband warned me that I​ may no longer have the​ energy to​ pull this off .​
He felt that to​ start you own business you had to​ build from the​ ground level up and establish it​ through many years .​
We had agreed that we​ would retire in​ our late fifties and he was concerned that my dream to​ start your own business was going to​ get in​ the​ way of​ this .​
I​ told him that I​ at​ least needed to​ do some research into this to​ feel that I​ had at​ least made an​ attempt towards the​ goal .​
We agreed that I​ would not become involved in​ anything that would jeopardize our retirement time frames .​
I​ told him that one of​ my co-workers had received information to​ start your own business that outlined a​ ten year plan to​ make a​ good living .​
This is​ where I​ wanted to​ start to​ see if​ it​ involved something that I​ would be interested in.
My criteria for getting involved in​ a​ business were that it​ would be something I​ could do from home without a​ great deal of​ travel and be product based rather than information based .​
I​ looked at​ many different sites that out lined ways to​ start your own business .​
I​ became involved with a​ company that has been in​ business for over twenty years and made products for the​ environment .​
I​ liked the​ fact that I​ could get involved with the​ business while still being involved in​ my job so we​ were not losing income .​
Within six months I​ was able to​ quit my job and match the​ income that I​ had been bringing in​ .​
I​ love being my own boss and setting my own hours .​
It is​ never to​ late to​ work on​ your goals and accomplish your dreams.

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