Start Your Journey To Find Financial Freedom Today

Start Your Journey To Find Financial Freedom Today

Strap on your seatbelts people we going for a​ RIDE!(offline!)

As I completed my 30 day training program from my friend Stone Evans, I sat silently as​ he advised me to​ do for 10 or​ so minutes a​ day and think of​ my goals and relax. I continued to​ ponder different unique ways to​ market my business. I always went back to​ what he had said about coming up with my own ideas and implementing them into my strategies. And I did, in​ a​ BIG risky way. I don’t know if​ it​ has been done before but I’ll tell you this if​ it​ has I haven’t seen it​ published.

The concept hit me by surprise! One day I went on a​ Sunday after noon (beautiful day)72 degrees sunny breezy and just plain gorgeous for New Orleans weather! Uncommon for late September. I parked my truck in​ the shade and cleaned inside and armor all, wipe down, you know the routine. Then a​ li'l wax job. I was alone with the exception of​ my daughters 10 week old beautiful Siberian husky puppy, on a​ rope tied to​ my trailer hitch. Well this dog was a​ people magnet everyone that passed wanted to​ see it, pet it, hold it, and asked questions about it. Which immediately brought back memories of​ when I was young, myself and a​ friend would go to​ Florida every weekend, leave on Friday and stay till Sunday. We had Labrador puppies and soon found they were girl magnets, so as​ single guys we brought the puppies as​ conversation starters and the results were amazing. if​ we were without the dogs we talked to​ only a​ few people a​ day, when the dogs were present we talked constantly to​ people wanting to​ look at​ them and not us. Not that we were ugly or​ scary looking, but just normal guys at​ the beach.

Before I left the lake and I called a​ friend who lived nearby that I hadn't talked to​ in​ several weeks so I thought I’d call n see if​ he was home and id swing by and talk to​ him. He is​ in​ the real estate business and is​ doing very well for himself he has a​ beautiful home by the lake. I got in​ touch with him and to​ my surprise he was about a​ mile away on the lake, doing what I was doing cleaning and waxing one of​ his cars. I drove that mile and met him, as​ we hung out and sat by the car everyone stopped to​ ask about the puppy and they would ask about the car as​ well. We actually had to​ walk out to​ the water to​ get away from the car and take the puppy with us so that we could actually get a​ few words in​ because we had some catching up to​ do. We talked for a​ half hour or​ so in​ peace then went back to​ our vehicles; as​ soon as​ we got there people flocked near again to​ question about the puppy and car. The questions were, Dude is​ this your car blah blah blah or​ Dude thats such a​ cool dog. My friends reply was yeah thats one of​ my cars and my reply was yeah he is​ a​ pretty cool dog. Not to​ be rude to​ anyone but it​ was time for us to​ go cruise. Before we left I told him man u gotta let me drive this thing. He said anytime u wanna go right now? I said no not with the dog he will get hair all over your car. He said no take it​ Ill stay with the pup, and of​ course I did. it​ was a​ black 2018 corvette convertible. Beautiful car, and NICE to​ drive! When I got back he said how was it? I replied awesome. He said if​ u like that one your love my new one. I was like its better than this? He laughed and said believe me. Its a​ 2018 mint condition Ferrari. He said follow me home n take it​ for a​ ride. I said no I have to​ pick up my daughter in​ 30 minutes but Ill take a​ rain check. He said anytime dude, I said great Id love to​ and we split.

On my ride home I thought about what had just happened . These 2 things combined are the perfect match. it​ clicked bring a​ fine car and a​ puppy to​ the lake, have people flock to​ me and question me. I am in​ marketing of​ course. I have online businesses so I started getting excited about what I just put together and thought don't get too excited till you give it​ a​ try. a​ few days passed and I called Steve on a​ Wednesday and said looks like nice weather again this weekend are you going to​ the lake Ill meet you. He said he had plans with his in-laws, but maybe next week. I said o.k., and he asked if​ I was still going to​ go. I said yes I was planning on it​ and his reply was you wanna take that hot li'l ride out there and give it​ a​ test drive? I was ecstatic, I said DAMN RIGHT dude! He told me to​ come early before he left and i was like Ill be there at​ 10 am sharp, he said thats perfect I will be leaving at​ 11. I was pumped up now I had a​ feeling this car had to​ be awesome if​ he was enthused about it​ because cars are his passion along with his family and work.

Sunday I'm up at​ 7 am ready to​ roll. I have my business cards flyers and of​ course my daughters puppy, and was out the house by 9 am . I arrived at​ about 9:45 and was shocked to​ see what he pulled out the garage. it​ was that 2018 custom yellow Ferrari. My heart was racing, pounding! He hands me the keys and says your going to​ LOVE it!! I said I just love looking at​ it! He just laughed and said no you're going to​ love the power.( He knew I loved power because we use to​ ride moto-x together for years).

I get the pup, business cards, flyer s and head to​ the lake. I was lit up like a​ light bulb, this was a​ machine of​ pure adrenaline. I even considered skipping the lake and just drive, drive, drive…… I didn't though but I did take the long route there, haha. I arrived at​ the lake at​ about 10:40. There were few people I guess people were still in​ church or​ recovering for the nights before so I just rode around smiling and loving it. By noon the place was inhabited by many so I parked and got the puppy out. Within 5 minutes people were coming up to​ the car and the dog. I proceeded to​ give the car a​ spray wax, not that it​ needed it, but I just thought it​ would be nice to​ return it​ waxed.

The attention of​ these combined human attractants was phenomenal it​ was person after person and question after question, needless to​ say it​ took me 2 and a​ half hours to​ spray wax a​ small car because I talked so much. And the question 7 out of​ 10 times were , Dude what do u for a​ living?. I’d give them a​ business card or​ flyer. Sometimes the first question was , is​ this your car?. I’d say no its my friends car there question then was what does he do for a​ living. We both do marketing he does mostly real estate here is​ one of​ his business cards and mine. After 2 and a​ half hours I was actually ready to​ go, I was exhausted mentally from the excitement of​ the car experience and the questions and the overwhelming emotion of​ what had taken place in​ a​ short period of​ time. I gave out over 90 business cards of​ mine more than 50 flyers and at​ least 75 cards of​ Steves. What an​ amazing thing to​ see ! These were 100% laser targeted (interested) leads. I did not try to​ sell them anything but they were wanting my cards to​ see if​ they could duplicate what I or​ Steve were doing. So maybe they could by a​ Ferrari- WOW! I spent no money besides fueling up his car and a​ small investment for the cards.

By Tuesday I had 38 wanting more information and direction, because they were ready to​ try this out and make a​ change in​ their lives. I was amazed. I called Steve told him what I had done and he was flabbergasted. He said he was wondering why he had been getting so many calls from Sunday night until now. as​ we spoke his phone was ringing simply amazing he said. I never thought of​ doing that myself I get a​ lot of​ questions about that car it​ does happen often.I just answer questions about ,I never thought about marketing with it. Next weekend we will be on the lake Saturday and Sunday he said!

The moral is​ believe people with integrity when they tell you follow thought you never know what will click in​ your mind to​ become a​ creative marketer. I have many more new and exciting ways to​ market that will be as​ un-orthodoxed and OUT THA BOX ! approach to​ marketing as​ this article is. And they will be enjoyable at​ the same time.

My advice to​ you find a​ friend with a​ FINE car or​ rent one, go to​ the SPCA find a​ nice puppy and duplicate this for free.

Marketing at​ its best!

Thank you for reading I hope u enjoyed, stay tuned for the future articles I will publish soon

Start Your Journey To Find Financial Freedom Today

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