Sri Lanka Casinos

Sri Lanka Casinos

Sri Lanka's casinos are among the​ very few that are legal in​ South Asia. in​ fact,​ the​ whole country is​ rather more laid back and unstuffy about such things than anywhere else in​ the​ region. This is​ probably an​ influence of​ the​ majority religion,​ Buddhism,​ which pays much less attention to​ what other people ought to​ do than to​ what the​ individual might want to​ think about doing. That isn't something all that common amongst religions.

While gambling and casinos are legal all over the​ island,​ Sri Lanka's casinos are in​ just two cities. One in​ Kollupitiya and the​ others are all in​ Colombo.

A list of​ Sri Lanka's casinos includes:

Kollupitiya: Kollupitiya Casino


Bally's Club

Bellagio Casino

Continental Club

Crown Club

MGM Club

Star Dust Club

Ritz Club

Tokyo Club

As can be seen from the​ names and their similarities with those in​ Las Vegas and elsewhere,​ these are not just local outposts. They are clean,​ properly functioning,​ reliable casinos.

There are probably many more casinos across the​ island,​ but we're not really able to​ find out quite how many. For only those with a​ casino licence may call themselves a​ casino,​ while almost anybody can run a​ game of​ chance. So the​ true number of​ Sri Lanka's casinos is​ either unknown to​ us or,​ if​ you prefer,​ we​ know that nine call themselves casinos so that is​ the​ number there are.

Sri Lanka,​ the​ island,​ is​ a​ tropical near paradise (along with all of​ the​ implications of​ that including a​ separatists war in​ the​ north). Formerly known as​ Ceylon,​ it​ was a​ British colony and also has had substantial Dutch and Portuguese influences. the​ last added a​ dose of​ Catholicism to​ the​ islands religious mixture,​ the​ Dutch a​ bit of​ Protestantism and the​ Brits,​ in​ their way,​ didn't really take religion very seriously at​ all. There are also substantial Muslim and Hindu minorities.

One of​ the​ odder leftovers of​ that colonial history is​ in​ the​ cuisine. While the​ British took curry and tea away from the​ islands,​ you can still see traditional foods such as​ Bolo Fiado,​ a​ Portuguese style layer cake,​ Breuhder,​ Dutch Christmas Cake,​ and other influences maintained by the​ Burgher People (a long standing cultural rather than racial grouping,​ descended from intermarriages between the​ various colonial invaders and the​ locals).

With the​ multiple ethnic groups and religions on​ the​ island,​ and despite the​ one large rebellion in​ the​ North,​ Sri Lanka is,​ in​ general,​ an​ accommodating and relaxed place. There is​ certainly no outcry to​ insist that people should stop doing what they wish to​ do,​ as​ long as​ it​ harms no one else,​ which may explain the​ number and popularity of​ Sri Lanka's casinos.

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