Spring Tv Is Over Lets Get Crafty

Spring Tv Is Over Lets Get Crafty

Spring TV is​ Over, Let's Get Crafty!
Now that all your favorite TV shows have ended and​ summer is​ upon us, most of​ us are finding that we have a​ little time on our hands .​
Sure, in​ the​ era of​ Netflix, Tivo, and​ OnDemand TV we might have some of​ our favorite episodes stored, but who wants to​ waste even more time sitting in​ front of​ the​ tube .​
No, I'm not going to​ recommend that you spend more time in​ the​ yard or​ running on a​ path in​ your favorite park .​
Instead, I​ think that we should broaden our horizons and​ create something beautiful for​ ourselves or​ for​ a​ loved one .​
Why not get involved in​ some kind of​ craft?
I once took a​ course in​ college that was entitled, Leisure and​ Liberal Arts .​
I​ took the​ class because it​ had the​ word Leisure in​ it, but it​ was far from a​ blowoff .​
The class talked about how the​ population spends too much time working, and​ when they aren't working, most spent their spare time in​ front of​ the​ TV .​
The premise of​ the​ class was the​ idea of​ a​ world where people spent their spare time learning liberal arts, such as​ poetry, art, or​ learning to​ play an​ instrument .​
Nice idea, but who has the​ time right?
Well, getting setup in​ a​ local art class can take less time out of​ your day than you would think .​
Most people that I​ teach are surprised at​ how quickly they progress after just a​ summer course .​
It actually is​ quite amazing at​ the​ things that you can create with your hands when you give it​ a​ little focused effort .​
And as​ strange as​ it​ sounds, doing something that's out of​ your comfort zone or​ something that you weren't aware that you could do builds tremendous confidence .​
I​ have students that have branched into taking one course/class a​ year and​ over the​ past five years have built up some impressive skills, like piano or​ guitar .​
After just a​ few years, they become a​ regular renaissance man/woman!
So before you start tearing through your saved episodes on TIVO, open up the​ list of​ classes at​ the​ local community college and​ see what's available .​
While spending a​ couple hours may not seem like the​ best way to​ spend a​ summer, think about the​ beauty you'll be adding to​ the​ world when you're done with your first piece .​
Ah! My professor would be so proud!

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