Spray Tanning What To Expect

Spray Tanning What To Expect

Spray tanning has become a​ modern fashion phenomenon. it​ is​ a​ brilliant way of​ avoiding both the​ shocking risks of​ skin cancer associated with regular sun bathing and​ sun beds, and​ also the​ streaky, orange look that gives self-tanning lotions and​ mousses a​ tacky reputation.

The high-quality results of​ spray tanning meant that only a​ few years ago it​ was reserved for​ celebrities and​ the​ very rich – now however, there is​ somewhere offering the​ treatment in​ most communities. Often it​ is​ easily available from hairdressers, sun bed salons or​ specialist businesses.

The Internet can help you locate the​ nearest spray-tanning provider to​ you. Additionally certain sites display reviews and​ ratings of​ individual salons, giving potential customers an​ idea of​ what to​ expect, and​ maybe which places to​ avoid.

What happens when you go to​ the​ salon will vary, but most reputable providers will ask you to​ fill out a​ record card. This is​ important, as​ it​ informs the​ salon assistants of​ any allergies you have, and​ also, by recording your weight and​ height, allows them to​ calculate more exactly how much sunless-tanning solution you will personally need.

It is​ also recommended, and​ in​ some places will be required, that you ask for​ a​ patch test twenty four hours before you plan to​ tan. This minor inconvenience could prevent an​ uncomfortable and​ unsightly allergic reaction – and​ is​ therefore all the​ more important before a​ spray tanning, which will cover most of​ your body.

There may be changing rooms or​ a​ special area where you can undress to​ your underwear. This is​ the​ part most new customers are nervous about, but it​ is​ completely unnecessary, as​ the​ salon assistants are experienced professionals. They are doing their job, not judging the​ bodies of​ their clients, and​ would generally be disciplined for​ making jokes or​ personal remarks. and​ contrary to​ some high school myths – spray tanning never, ever requires full nudity!

The streak-less, natural-looking effect achieved through spray tanning is​ a​ result of​ the​ body being covered with a​ fine mist of​ tanning solution, rather than having a​ cream or​ mousse rubbed in​ inaccurately by hand. Some specialist salons have developed an​ even better technology, Electrostatic, which uses the​ static energy of​ your body to​ disperse the​ tanning spray evenly over your skin.

Before you go to​ your spray tanning appointment, it​ is​ very important to​ prepare yourself properly, or​ the​ results will be affected. Do not wax or​ shave less than a​ day before your spray-tan, as​ this increases the​ chance of​ irritation. However, before you go to​ your session exfoliate your skin to​ create a​ smooth surface.

If you want to​ wear your own underwear, rather than the​ paper ones provided by the​ salon, it​ should be dark or​ old, as​ there is​ a​ high risk of​ staining. Additionally you should arrive at​ the​ spray-tanning appointment in​ loose clothing, as​ tight clothing may rub the​ bronzer off in​ the​ first twenty four hours. if​ you take all these precautions, and​ use the​ net to​ help you find the​ best provider, you could be enjoying a​ flawless, natural, glowing tan all this summer, and​ winter too!

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