Spray Tanning Salons

Spray Tanning Salons

Its not summer time any more! Therefore you can finally forget about the​ tans and​ stop wasting your hardearned dough on a​ tanning bed membership. if​ you really stop and​ think about it, these are ridiculous. Okay, so its like this. You pay someone to​ let you lay in​ a​ bed for​ 15 minutes at​ a​ time. You probably do this three times a​ week. the​ bed is​ filled with dangerous light rays that brown your skin and​ lead to​ cancer. But wait; theres more. Not only do you risk your health, but you also damage your skin and​ cause premature aging. Now, this is​ just straightup brilliant. Whoever invented this is​ laughing. He or​ she actually got people to​ pay him so that they can damage their bodies and​ possibly acquire cancer along the​ way. NICE! So, are those tanning beds sounding as​ good now? I ​ doubt it. You may want to​ consider a​ new breed of​ tan. I ​ will now introduce spray tanning salons.
Now, just to​ be clear, I ​ didnt come up with the​ spray concept. Although I ​ pondered the​ issue of​ spray tanning salons many times in​ the​ past, its not my idea. Youre shocked; I ​ know. I ​ am a​ little bit surprised as​ well; considering I ​ invented Postits. Anyway, why spray tanning salons? Thats an easy one. They simply make more sense than tanning beds or​ laying out on a​ beach and​ getting baked. These two oldschool methods ruin your epidermis. Didnt you see Theres Something about Mary? the​ old woman in​ this film said it​ all when she removed her shirt. How many other old leathery individuals have you spotted on beaches, or​ just in​ the​ local mall. I ​ cant even count them all. This is​ all the​ proof you need that tanning is​ dangerous and​ makes you age horribly. With spray tanning salons, you get a​ different approach. Surely youve seen or​ tried self tanner. it​ can be purchased at​ any local ​Drug​store. Actually you might have trouble deciding which one to​ buy these days. There are tons to​ choose from. Now, with spray tanning salons the​ concept is​ similar. Except, they do all the​ work for​ you. You just stand there looking cool, while they hose you down with golden goodness.
In short, if​ you absolutely must have a​ tan, then give spray tanning salons a​ shot. This newage technology is​ worth your while. it​ wont cause skin cancer and​ it​ will not preage your skin. Now thats a​ healthy tan!

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