Sports Pet

Sports Pet
Many animals are adopted and​ trained for​ the​ purpose of​ participating in​ sports .​
The animal can be completely or​ partially involved in​ the​ sport they are trained for​ .​
The most popular sports animals are dogs and​ horses .​
Some sports called the​ blood sports also exist which are very harsh and​ they put the​ life of​ the​ animal at​ risk .​
Many organizations are against such kind of​ cruelty and​ also it​ is​ against the​ law in​ many countries .​
Animals were first domesticated for​ the​ purpose of​ hunting in​ the​ beginning .​
This necessity later turned into a​ sport, but the​ animals were still involved .​
This sport was meant for​ the​ rich people and​ the​ royal family, in​ the​ medieval period .​
Hunters rode horses and​ dogs accompanied them .​
The sport was sometimes dangerous when lions and​ other exotic animals were hunted .​
While the​ horses chased the​ animal, the​ dogs and​ hounds were trained to​ actually attack the​ animal .​
But now hunting is​ banned in​ almost all the​ countries .​

The most common sports involving pets is​ horse riding .​
In some events a​ human rider mounts the​ horse and​ in​ others the​ horse competes without the​ human being .​
This modern sport is​ a​ derivative of​ the​ chariot race which was held in​ the​ Roman and​ ancient Greek times .​
Dogsled racing is​ another racing event involving dogs .​
It is​ a​ timed winter sport, where dogs are tied to​ sledges, which pull it, while the​ driver stands on the​ sledge .​
They need to​ run on a​ marked course and​ whichever team finishes first is​ declared as​ the​ winner .​
Greyhound racing is​ also another animal sport .​
Actually, in​ the​ 1800s, greyhounds were brought from Europe to​ the​ United States to​ control the​ increasing hare population .​
Breeders then thought of​ involving this animal in​ racing and​ hence, this was how greyhound racing started .​
Also, there are camel races involving camels .​
But this race is​ sometimes objected because the​ riders in​ such races are small kids .​
Pigeon racing is​ a​ not so popular sport, involving trained racing pigeons .​
The pigeons are taken away from their loft and​ then they are made to​ race .​
Whoever reaches the​ home first wins the​ race .​
Beatle races are also popular in​ Asia .​
Jousting sport was developed in​ the​ fourteen century, where knights ride on the​ back of​ the​ horse and​ compete with each other .​
Horses are also trained for​ the​ sport polo .​
There are two teams, which compete with each other .​
The competitor rides the​ horse and​ at​ the​ same time hits the​ ball with the​ help of​ mallets .​
The team, which makes the​ highest score, is​ the​ winning team .​
As the​ start of​ the​ twentieth century, polo involved elephants and​ it​ was considered as​ a​ royal sport back then .​
Pole bending involves a​ horse and​ a​ horse rider .​
The horse has to​ run on a​ serpentine path, which has six poles in​ one line .​
If the​ horse knocks down any of​ the​ pole, the​ rider and​ the​ horse are immediately disqualified .​
Show jumping also involves horses .​
The horse has to​ jump over fences with the​ jockey on their back .​
Horse ballet is​ another sport involving horses .​
Dogs are given training to​ participate in​ sports such as​ dog agility, and​ sheepdog trails .​
Dogs also participate in​ dog shows .​
It is​ a​ competition where dogs of​ certain breed compete with each other .​
Things such as​ looks, intelligence, grace, etc, of​ the​ individual dog are considered .​
Sports involving animals, which are cruel are bullfighting, camel wrestling, cockfighting, and​ cow fighting.

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