Sports Memorabilia Collectible Treasures

People have worried for​ a​ long time about the​ authenticity of​ their sports memorabilia collectible treasures. This worry has hindered many large collectors from investing large sums of​ money in​ memorabilia items that they think could not possibly be signed by the​ person that is​ being represented on the​ item.

There are companies that certify the​ authenticity of​ these sports memorabilia treasures, and​ some of​ those companies have a​ very rigid process that they require to​ be followed to​ the​ letter, to​ ensure that the​ sports memorabilia treasures they are sponsoring or​ selling will always be backed with they seal of​ approval and​ a​ money back guarantee.

The seal of​ approval and​ authenticity of​ these sports memorabilia treasures is​ quite often an​ actual Certificate of​ Authenticity that you can place under glass. These certificates often come with a​ matching hologram of​ the​ sports products company that is​ sponsoring the​ event in​ question.

There will also be a​ signed statement from the​ sports product company’s representative that actually witnessed the​ signature, and​ will attest to​ the​ authenticity of​ the​ item by giving you the​ name of​ the​ event that the​ item was signed and​ the​ date that the​ signing occurred.

There are many protections in​ place through many of​ the​ sports products company policies. the​ integrity of​ the​ particular company is​ on the​ line each time sports memorabilia treasures are sold. the​ Steiner Sports memorabilia collection provides a​ guarantee on each piece in​ their hand-signed sports memorabilia treasures.

The Steiner Sports memorabilia collection has that hologram protection policy in​ place so that sports collectors will know that the​ sports memorabilia treasures they are buying are positively authentic.

Another sports memorabilia treasures company called Tri-Star Productions, uses a​ superb authentication process for​ all of​ its sports memorabilia products sold under the​ name Tri-Star products. They use a​ numbered hologram that is​ firmly attached to​ each sports memorabilia item that is​ manufactured or​ sponsored by them.

The numbered hologram is​ not hard to​ spot because the​ numbered hologram features the​ statement “TRI-STAR AUTHENTIC” on it, and​ sports collectors simply have to​ go to​ the​ Tri-Star Productions website and​ enter that hologram number into their hologram authentication software to​ be assured that the​ product they are purchasing is​ really authentic.

Other sports memorabilia treasures feature protection policies that are very strict and​ concise. Mounted Memories, a​ sports products company has a​ set policy in​ place that limits the​ methods of​ obtaining authentic sports memorabilia items. With each of​ these methods and​ policies, the​ consumer will also be assured through the​ receipt of​ a​ certification card that accompanies each piece of​ sports memorabilia treasures that they have in​ stock.

The Mounted Memories sports products company has kept their methods down to​ two principles which state to​ the​ consumer that the​ item was either obtained through a​ signing event that they sponsored, or​ through signings that occurred in​ the​ direct sight of​ one of​ their trusted representatives.

Sports collectors feel very comfortable about purchasing sports memorabilia treasures with these protection policies in​ place, and​ come to​ know the​ authenticity holograms by sight after only a​ day. This is​ a​ major selling feature they use to​ assure their customers that they are buying some of​ the​ truly authentic sports memorabilia treasures on the​ market today.

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