Sports History Of Steroids

Sports History Of Steroids

The history of​ steroids in​ sports is​ very old. the​ athletes and​ sports persons were using foods and​ potions to​ enhance their power, performance, and​ stamina in​ ancient times. it​ is​ said that Greek wrestlers used to​ eat huge quantities of​ meat to​ build their muscle, and​ Norse warriors (The Berserkers) used to​ eat hallucinogenic mushrooms to​ gear themselves up for​ battle.

The swimmers in​ Amsterdam in​ the​ 1860s were the​ first competitive athletes who are believed to​ be charged with doping i.e. taking drugs and​ other nonfood substances to​ improve performance. Later, the​ practice of​ doping using strychnine, caffeine, cocaine and​ heroin spread to​ other sports.

The history of​ steroids use by athletes is​ believed to​ have begun in​ the​ early half of​ 20th century. Testosterone or​ anabolic steroids were first synthesized in​ the​ 1930's. Anabolic steroids were introduced into the​ sporting arena in​ the​ 1940's and​ 1950's. the​ Russian weight lifting team walked off with a​ pile of​ medals at​ the​ 1952 Olympics created first history of​ steroids in​ sports.

Developing "Methandrostenolone" or​ Dianabol with the​ help of​ Ciba pharmaceutical company, Dr.Ziegler commenced an​ important chapter in​ the​ history of​ steroids. the​ Dianabol is​ believed to​ be the​ first anabolic steroid in​ sports history of​ steroids. the​ drug helped the​ US weightlifters dominate in​ the​ 1962 World Championships.

Although the​ physician soon realized the​ drug had unwanted side effects, it​ was too late to​ halt its spread into the​ sports world. Soon, Dianabol became popular among athletes and​ sports persons. it​ became common dietary intake of​ bodybuilders, weightlifters, football players, javelin throwers, Olympic athletes, and​ other sports persons.

However, there was great reaction against the​ use of​ steroids in​ sports. FIFA (soccer) and​ Union Cycliste Internationale (cycling) banned the​ use of​ steroids in​ 1966, and​ the​ International Olympic Committee joined them in​ 1967. the​ World Anti-Doping Agency was created in​ 1999. Presently, most of​ the​ sports agencies have strict policies against steroids, and​ steroids use and​ distribution without prescriptions is​ banned.

The bans and​ illegality of​ steroids opened a​ rather serious chapter in​ the​ history of​ steroids. This developed a​ black market of​ steroids that began to​ flourish for​ the​ illegal production and​ sale of​ the​ drugs for​ nonmedical purposes. This black market is​ flourishing offline as​ well as​ online.

Sports History Of Steroids

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