Sports Car Models

Sports Car Models

Sports Cars: Getting Started on Your Need for​ Speed
If high acceleration, top speed, and​ appearance are what you want in​ a​ vehicle, then a​ sports car is​ probably what you’re looking for​ .​
Sports cars are a​ $4.5 billion industry with about 55,000 units sold annually.
Sports cars are built as​ performance vehicles – meaning they are to​ be pushed in​ ways regular cars can’t .​
For example, acceleration is​ often no more than 5 seconds to​ go from 0 to​ 100 mph.
As it​ is​ more difficult to​ maneuver a​ speeding object, sports cars are specially designed to​ be handled at​ top speeds .​
The term sporty was coined to​ refer to​ a​ sleek but robust design that exudes a​ powerful persona for​ the​ person behind the​ wheel .​

What follows is​ a​ basic run-through of​ sports cars out in​ the​ marketplace – their general designs and​ layout, as​ well as​ a​ listing of​ the​ more popular models and​ makers.
- FF – front engine, front wheel drive .​
The FF layout has a​ moderate capacity for​ high speed handling and​ is​ seen in​ select models such as​ the​ Fiat Coupé, and​ the​ Lotus Elan M100 .​
- FR – front engine, rear wheel drive
Considered the​ classic sports car layout, the​ engine drives the​ rear wheels but keeps the​ weight off the​ back .​
the​ FR is​ good at​ drifting corners while still maintaining control .​
Mercedes-Benz is​ recognized for​ using this layout for​ its models.
- RR – rear engine, rear wheel drive
With the​ engine at​ the​ back driving the​ rear wheels, weight placement on a​ RR layout provides excellent traction for​ a​ car .​
However, without auxiliary driving aids like stability control, handling becomes difficult .​
As of​ today, the​ only maker who keeps the​ RR layout for​ its cars is​ Porche.
AWD – all wheel drive
An AWD layout provides the​ easiest handling, making it​ ideal for​ those who are just starting out with sports cars .​
Audi started the​ widespread use of​ this technique with the​ Quattro .​
Japanese manufacturers like Mitsubishi used this layout to​ increase handling making it​ an​ excellent rally car.
Because of​ higher restrictions in​ the​ states, sports car manufacturers are more prevalent in​ Europe than in​ America .​
Nevertheless, American brands are in​ equal competition with its European and​ Asian counterparts .​
Some recognized makers and​ models are:
Alfa Romeo
Aston Martin
De Lorean
Now that you’ve gotten started, take your next step by discovering the​ excitement a​ sports car can bring you today, just like it​ has for​ generations.

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