Sports Car Club Of America

The Anatomy of​ Sports Car Club of​ America
the​ Sports Car Club of​ America or​ SCCA is​ a​ legitimate organization where the​ best and​ the​ finest sports cars can be found .​
Contrary to​ most popular beliefs, the​ Sports Car Club of​ America is​ not an​ exclusive organization .​
It is​ not just for​ the​ elite or​ for​ those who can afford to​ buy a​ sports car .​
It is​ simply a​ club that primarily functions both as​ a​ non-profit organization of​ sports car fanatics and​ a​ sanctioning body that sponsors autocross, rallies, and​ road racing in​ the​ country.
Today, SCCA boasts of​ more than 65,000 active members, ranging from professionals down to​ the​ amateurs and​ even those who simply cannot resist the​ force and​ magnetic appeal of​ sports cars .​
With this large number of​ members, SCCA is​ now acclaimed as​ the​ most active participation organization in​ today’s world of​ motor sports.
Every year, SCCA holds more than 2,000 professional motor sports events as​ well as​ those meant for​ amateurs .​
The basic programs or​ events are the​ following:
1 .​
This particular program of​ SCCA deals with the​ autocross program .​
In this event, only one car is​ allowed to​ run along a​ course arranged with many traffic cones .​
The area is​ a​ typical large concrete surface that is​ big enough and​ long enough to​ host the​ event .​
2 .​
Club Racing
This is​ the​ road racing category .​
This event is​ where sports cars race against each other either on transitory street circuits or​ on a​ race track.
Its yearly club racing championship for​ the​ national division is​ known as​ the​ Runoffs.
3 .​
Road Rallies
This is​ a​ different rally because the​ competition is​ not based on speed but on the​ actual navigation and​ precision of​ the​ race.
These SCCA events are usually open to​ the​ public and​ the​ races are usually run on public roads.
Basically, the​ SCCA has 110 regional chapters that are widely distributed in​ the​ United States .​
Each individual chapter has their own racing events and​ championships .​
They also have their own rules and​ regulations on licensing, membership, member benefits, and​ insurance.
These regional chapters are all patterned on the​ administrative rules of​ the​ club .​
These rules are coordinated and​ maintained by SCCA’s CEO and​ President Steve Johnson.
With all these remarkable qualities, SCCA is​ definitely one club worthy of​ recognition .​
It is​ one of​ the​ most celebrated clubs in​ the​ world of​ sports car racing.

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