Sporting The Kia Sportage

Sporting The Kia Sportage

What is​ the​ Kia Sportage, you may ask? the​ Kia Sportage is​ a​ compact sport utility vehicle from the​ Korean automobile maker. and​ even though it​ is​ from another continent, this vehicle still holds the​ capacity to​ bring about functionality and​ purpose into its very existence as​ well as​ to​ the​ American way of​ life.

How has the​ Kia Sportage been crafted for​ the​ American auto market? if​ you take a​ closer look at​ the​ Kia Sportage, one could see that this vehicle has a​ very powerful engine that could even beat the​ engines of​ those vehicles manufactured by American auto makers. Aside from that, the​ Kia Sportage has a​ roomy interior that provides its driver and​ its passengers optimum comfort as​ well as​ special ergonomic help. it​ also boasts of​ a​ simply yet head turning design. That is​ why for​ people who drive with Kia Sportage vehicles, they get stares from the​ people on the​ streets. if​ you are thinking about safety, need not worry for​ this vehicle also comes very well equipped with safety features that includes six air bags. and​ yes, all these come with a​ very affordable price.

Made available in​ three trim levels that comprise of​ the​ LX I4, the​ LX V6, and​ the​ EX V6, the​ Kia Sportage offers a​ whole range of​ choices for​ people with various lifestyles, needs, and​ uses for​ a​ vehicle. the​ vehicle also comes with a​ range of​ exterior color choices that make up of​ Black Cherry, Champagne, Natural Olive, Royal Jade Green, Satin Silver, Smart Blue, Smokey Brown, Steel Silver, Volcanic Red, and​ Clear White.

The Kia Sportage holds a​ wide package of​ features. the​ list includes 16 inch alloy wheels, a​ tinted windshield with sunband, a​ privacy side glass, black outside door handles, dual power black mirrors, dual power heated body color mirrors, fog lamps, multi reflector head lamps, auto head lamps, roof rails, dark gray metallic bumpers, body colored bumpers, body colored body side cladding, black rear garnish, mudguards, a​ rear spoilers, a​ black shifter plate, key color interior door handles, chrome interior door handles, a​ black center fascia, a​ leather wrapped steering wheel, floor mats, and​ an​ air filtration system just to​ name a​ few.

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