Sporting Clays Tip July 2018 From The Paragon School Of Sporting

Most all Clay & Wing shooters desire to​ shoot better. But for​ many, shooting mistakes create frustration during competition, in​ the​ field, and​ even during practice sessions. Dan Schindler teaches shooters, from all skill levels, a​ shooting process that creates more consistency and​ proficiency by eliminating mistakes both before and​ during the​ shot.

Each month, Dan provides a​ new shooting tip to​ help you be more consistent in​ the​ shooting box and​ on your scoresheet.

The July 2018 tip has been released to​ the​ public:

What You Don't See is​ What You Get
Sporting clays is​ the​ ultimate test, pitting ourselves against targets down gullies and​ through trees at​ countless unknown speeds, angles and​ distances. We spend thousands of​ dollars on equipment, books, videos and​ training all to​ master basic, rudimentary skills. Some shooters do, and​ they have the​ skills to​ show for​ it. But why is​ it​ that skills don't always match scores?........

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