Spirituality Journey In The Fields Of Forever Part 97

“It was as​ real as​ you could get,” Marla said, “more real than breathing. The Chief wants us to​ explain to​ you, as​ clearly and simply as​ possible, the greatest secret in​ the universe.”

“So, what’s the big rush? You waited long enough,” I blurted, as​ I sprang from my chair, waving my hand in​ the air. “I was beginning to​ think you’d just made up the whole thing and frankly, I was a​ bit tired of​ asking and not getting a​ direct answer. So, what is​ it? What’s this greatest secret?”

“The greatest secret in​ the universe,” Gideon slowly repeated, “is actually not a​ secret at​ all. It’s something almost everyone knows instinctively,but most people never quite know it​ in​ their hearts. It’s one thing to​ know about something and an​ entirely different matter to​ know that thing. The greatest secret is​ really the most open secret of​ all. It’s written in​ almost all scriptures, but because humanity loves to​ complicate simple ideas, it​ has been overlooked time and time again. to​ tell the . . .”

“Oh come on, Gideon,” I interrupted, “just spell it​ out.”

“And that’s another thing,” he said in​ a​ most commanding tone, “patience is​ one of​ your areas that could use a​ little improvement, John. Learn to​ be patient and you’ll hear the rhythm of​ the universe.”

“I’m sorry. Please go on,” I said in​ a​ guilt-ridden tone.

“Develop a​ close and personal relationship with God and everything else will fall into place.That’s the greatest secret of​ the entire universe, of​ all time. Simple, isn’t it? I told you it​ was such an​ open secret,so simple that most people won’t believe it. Well, there you have it. And don’t forget, this can only be done from within.”

I looked at​ him scarcely believing what I had heard. That was the secret? After all this time waiting for Gideon to​ explain the greatest secret in​ the universe and have him tell me that all I had to​ do was to​ develop a​ close personal relationship with God was more than I could take. How absurd! I began laughing out loud and found that it​ was becoming more difficult to​ stop. Finally Marla’s voice broke through my laughter. “What’ssofunny,John?” she asked,“I don’t see anything funny about it​ at​ all.”

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