Spirituality Inspirational Stories Part 69

For those who believe in​ God there is​ another way, which is​ much less difficult. They give up the fruits of​ work unto the Lord; they work and are never attached to​ the results. Whatever they see, feel, hear, or​ do, is​ for Him. For whatever good work we may do, let us not claim any praise or​ benefit. it​ is​ the Lord's; give up the fruits unto Him. Let us stand aside and think that we are only servants obeying the Lord, our Master, and that every impulse for action comes from Him every moment.

Whatever thou worshippest, whatever thou perceivest, whatever thou doest, give up all unto Him and be at​ rest. Let us be at​ peace, perfect peace, with ourselves, and give up our whole body and mind and everything as​ an​ eternal sacrifice unto the Lord. Instead of​ the sacrifice of​ pouring oblations into the fire, perform this one great sacrifice day and night -- the sacrifice of​ your little self. "In search of​ wealth in​ this world, Thou art the only wealth I have found; I sacrifice myself unto Thee.

In search of​ some one to​ be loved,Thou art the only one beloved I have found; I sacrifice myself unto Thee." Let us repeat this day and night, and say, "Nothing for me; no matter whether the thing is​ good, bad, or​ indifferent; I do not care for it; I sacrifice all unto Thee." Day and night let us renounce our seeming self until it​ becomes a​ habit with us to​ do so,until it​ gets into the blood, the nerves, and the brain, and the whole body is​ every moment obedient to​ this idea of​ self - renunciation. Go then into the midst of​ the battlefield, with the roaring cannon and the din of​ war, and you will find yourself to​ be free and at​ peace.

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