Spirituality Inspirational Stories Part 68

So Karma-Yoga says, first destroy the tendency to​ project this tentacle of​ selfishness, and when you have the power of​ checking it, hold it​ in​ and do not allow the mind to​ get into the ways of​ selfishness. Then you may go out into the world and work as​ much as​ you can. Mix everywhere, go where you please; you will never be contaminated with evil. There is​ the lotus leaf in​ the water; the water cannot touch and adhere to​ it; so will you be in​ the world. This is​ called "Vairagya", dispassion or​ non - attachment. I believe I have told you that without non - attachment there cannot be any kind of​ Yoga. Non - attachment is​ the basis of​ all the Yogas. The man who gives up living in​ houses, wearing fine clothes, and eating good food, and goes into the desert, may be a​ most attached person. His only possession, his own body, may become everything to​ him; and as​ he lives he will be simply struggling for the sake of​ his body.

Non - attachment does not mean anything that we may do in​ relation to​ our external body,it is​ all in​ the mind.The binding link of​ "I and mine" is​ in​ the mind. if​ we have not this link with the body and with the things of​ the senses, we are non - attached, wherever and whatever we may be. a​ man may be on a​ throne and perfectly non - attached; another man may be in​ rags and still very much attached. First, we have to​ attain this state of​ non - attachment and then to​ work incessantly. Karma-Yoga gives us the method that will help us in​ giving up all attachment, though it​ is​ indeed very hard.

Here are the two ways of​ giving up all attachment. The one is​ for those who do not believe in​ God, or​ in​ any outside help. They are left to​ their own devices; they have simply to​ work with their own will, with the powers of​ their mind and discrimination, saying, "I must be non - attached".

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