Spirituality Information You Can Never Get Rid Of Your Problem

Spirituality Information You Can Never Get Rid Of Your Problem

"I have a​ major relationship problem .Can you help me get rid of​ the problem,Sir . it​ just does not seem to​ go away." said the young man to​ the spiritual guru. The young man was very successful in​ his career but was unable to​ find a​ solution to​ his existing relationship issue. He looked very disturbed and had lost his composure. " I cannot help you get rid of​ your problem" said the wise sage but i can do one thing for you ......"

" I can help you get out of​ the problem ...." The young man looked more confused now. The smiling sage went on to​ explain what he meant by getting out of​ the problem......

"Whenever you get into a​ problem there would be two or​ more people involved in​ every issue. You are one of​ them. The reason you find it​ difficult to​ get rid of​ the problem is​ because the other person/partner does not accept your solution. You have no control over his/her decisions. This gives you pain and you are not able to​ solve the problem. You drain all your energy in​ making him/her accept your solutions, you even compromise to​ a​ certain extent but still the other person is​ not interested in​ your way of​ doing things. Unfortunately you cannot do much.... and you are frustrated. You do not want to​ take the extreme steps of​ separation with your partner and so you are lost ...

But there is​ another way to​ deal with the same problem. if​ you cannot get rid of​ the problem, you can get out of​ the problem. Here is​ how you do it. All the troubles,anguish pain and concern are created in​ your mind. it​ is​ your mind which makes you happy and it​ is​ the same mind which makes you unhappy. So if​ you can learn to​ train your mind to​ detach yourself from the problem the intensity of​ the pain would cease to​ exist. The problem would still exist externally but it​ does not trouble you beyond a​ point. it​ becomes powerless against your powerful mind. The external world exists outside where it​ should be and not inside where it​ should never have been. The way you go about making your mind powerful is​ by building this internal kingdom within you where you are the king and every other person/problem has to​ take permission from you before they enter into your kingdom.

The more you water the problem the more it​ grows. You have blown your external problem out of​ proportion and it​ keeps growing every day. However, you have never tried even once to​ build a​ rock solid support system within you which can tackle all these ongoing problems. The first step is​ to​ detach yourself from the problem and thats how you get out of​ the problem. it​ is​ wonderful and the rewards are gratifying. You ought to​ experience it."

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