Spirituality Information When You Can Walk On Water Take The Boat Part

Spirituality Information When You Can Walk On Water Take The Boat Part 58

“You wonder about prayer at​ times and think that it​ must be magical.There’s no magic in​ it. It’s a​ method I gave to​ you so that you could reach Me anytime you want. it​ was designed to​ bring you to​ the realization that you should be aware of​ Me all the time. Prayer does not change Me, it​ changes you. Use it​ as​ it​ was originally Come first to​ yourself and then you’ll find that you have come to​ Me.

“You are a​ child of​ the King, a​ prince of​ the realm. All of​ you are children of​ the King and thus princes and princesses. to​ understand the so-called mysteries of​ life,you just have to​ be aware of​ your birthright. Look at​ the trees, the mountains and the skies. You should know that long before they were, you have been and long after they’re gone, you shall continue to​ be.”

God continued, “Perhaps, it​ would help you to​ understand better if​ you walk around a​ bit and talk to​ some of​ My other children. Many of​ them have gone through a​ lot worse than you have and, yet, they emerged victorious. Enjoy the party, John. Life is​ really a​ celebration.”

Listening to​ God again was an​ experience never to​ be forgotten. Marla, Gideon and I walked over to​ a​ number of​ tables and spoke with some of​ the people.It was delightfully refreshing to​ converse with some of​ the great personalities of​ all time. I walked over to​ Jesus who was having a​ conversation with the Buddha.“Pardon me for interrupting,” I said, “I'm somewhat surprised to​ see the two of​ you at​ the same party. Do you have a​ lot in​ common?”

“More than most people would like to​ believe,” said the Buddha.

“Lord Christ,could you explain to​ me why you had to​ die on a​ cross?” I asked.

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