Spirituality Information The No.1 Secret Weapon Used By Great

Spirituality Information The No.1 Secret Weapon Used By Great Personalities.

Control is​ the most stupid word in​ the English dictionary and yet millions of​ people use it​ everyday and literally suffer. Right from our childhood we have been told to​ control our urges,our temptations,our desires and maybe even our dreams. Today i am going to​ reveal an​ alternate word which has been a​ secret weapon of​ all the great men and women who walked on this earth.

Smoking,Drinking, Casual Sex,Gambling,Chewing Tobacco, ....are common urges which many of​ us have developed over our life time. at​ some point of​ our life we want to​ get rid of​ them. But it​ just does not go away. We try to​ control them and they come back with more force and velocity and puts us down. We are never able to​ get rid of​ all those so- called bad habits. The more we try, the more we fail and we end up getting frustrated....

I took up this matter with my spiritual master. " You have to​ be very careful with the choice of​ your words, Vish. There is​ a​ sleeping demon within each of​ us.The moment you use the word control that demon wakes up and it​ tears you apart. No matter what you do it​ will not let you control your urges... So here is​ what i do. Whenever these temptations cross my mind i use the magical word Manage instead of​ Control.

Let me give you an​ example.... Lets say you had developed a​ sexual urge and it​ is​ getting too much everyday and you were not able to​ get out of​ it. You try to​ control it​ everyday but you fail miserably. The reason you fail is​ because you are trying too hard and you want to​ suppress the desire. Everytime you use the word control the demon within you wakes up and hits you on your head and says " Come on my boy have sex it​ is​ fun dont ever try to​ control me." You are overpowered by a​ superior personality within you over which you have no control. Try this experiment next time that you have a​ sexual urge. Tell yourself or​ your mind " Yes i have a​ strong urge to​ have sex right now and i accept it. I am not going to​ deny it​ but i am going to​ postpone it​ for tommorow..." Say this and watch what happens. ...

When you use these words instead of​ the words you have using so far you learn to​ manage sexual desires instead of​ controlling them. The sleeping demon within you does not wake up when you use the words postpone. The demon is​ happy so long as​ you don't control it​ . By postponing it​ for a​ day you win the first round. You trick the demon within you. You allow it​ to​ sleep while you work on building your character. There is​ no one in​ this world who has mastered the fine art of​ controlling these urges. All the great men and women have learnt to​ manage these desires and not control them. When you practise this with genuine intention everyday you draw upon a​ power which slowly and silently kills the demon within you. The ability to​ postpone temptations is​ a​ sure sign of​ victory over them. These words weave magic for they are powerful.

Never try to​ control anything it​ does not work in​ the long run. Learn to​ manage instead of​ control. Apply this technique to​ any temptation you want to​ overcome and they will work like a​ charm. These are century old, scientific proven techniques which will reap in​ significant benefits if​ you believe in​ it​ and practise it​ daily.

Awaken the sleeping gaint within and silenty crush your demons today.

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