Spirituality Information Journey In The Fields Of Forever Part 92

Gideon then apologized to​ the manager.“Please excuse my friends. They didn’t mean any harm. Sorry for the inconvenience and commotion. Anyway, they’ll be leaving soon.” The manager seemed only too anxious to​ agree to​ anything that would return tranquillity to​ his restaurant. He thanked Gideon,bowed,turned and left with the two nervous guards in​ tow.

Marla spoke up, “You always seem to​ have this effect on others, Kamal. Maybe, you might try to​ be a​ bit more cordial? No need to​ scare others to​ death. There’s enough fear and anger already. We need more light,not more heat.” Then she smiled her sweetest smile at​ him.

“You know that I could never really hurt an​ innocent person, Milady. They scare themselves because of​ who they think I am,” he replied.

Finally gathering up enough courage to​ speak, I offered, “Mr. Terror,” and was immediately struck with how stupid that sounded. I continued, nevertheless, “are the legends about you true? Some say you were born hundreds of​ years ago.”

He looked at​ me for a​ moment,then turned to​ Gideon as​ if​ asking permission to​ answer. Gideon gave a​ slight nod and the Terror smiled and said,“My dear sir, all legends have their birth in​ truth somewhere, once upon a​ time. I was born Kamal, Prince of​ the Eastern Territories. But that was a​ long time ago. My mission is​ to​ right wrongs and help the helpless. Allah be praised! I am but his humble servant. My followers and I ride the back of​ the dangerous winds and, by the beard of​ the Prophet, we will not rest until justice has been served.”

“We have heard of​ the Terror,” said Pandayji to​ me. “They speak of​ him in​ large towns and little villages across the nation. It’s said that if​ you’ve lost all hope, call upon him in​ your heart and he will hear you. He would then dispatch a​ band of​ his warriors to​ help rectify your problem. Some say that Lord Rama on his visit to​ Lankha was given help along the way by the Terror of​ Trivandrum.”

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