Spirituality Information Journey In The Fields Of Forever Part 69

“Our kids, silly.” She giggled as​ she took my hand, just like she used to, and led me to​ a​ spot behind a​ clump of​ trees. Pandayji remained behind with Marla and Gideon, engrossed in​ conversation.

“What are our kids doing here? And how come Pandayji is​ here?” I questioned.

Before she could answer, I saw Malika and Jonathan in​ the moonlight. “Hi Dad,” shouted Malika, “we wanted to​ surprise you, but Jonathan gave it​ away.”

“No Dad,” Jonathan countered, “she spoiled the sur- prise. Mom told us you’d be here.”

I greeted them as​ if​ this sort of​ thing occurred everyday. Rather puzzled, I asked, “Your mom told you I’d be here?”

“Oh yes,” said Malika, “we visit with Mommy often. She tells us lots of​ things whenever we see her.” I knew I shouldn’t have asked.

They walked over to​ chat with Pandayji. I looked at​ them, then at​ Mardai and thought that this is​ the first time in​ years I’ve seen the entire family together. While part of​ me knew this meeting was temporary, I wanted to​ soak up and relish every moment.

“They seem so happy,” said Mardai. “In a​ way, I never really left them. I visit whenever I can and I still try to​ teach them as​ much as​ possible. They’re used to​ meeting me like this. I never left you, either. Malika and Jonathan will probably remember this event in​ different versions of​ a​ dream. Pandayji will also have vague recollections of​ a​ dream. Right now he is​ discussing some important matters with Marla and Gideon.”

“They know each other?” I asked.

“Of course, they do,” she replied, “many of​ us belong to​ the same large family and we get together from time to​ time to​ catch up with what’s been going on. Pandayji has always been like a​ brother to​ us. Don’t you remember how he helped during the complex adoption procedures for Malika and Jonathan? Without him, I doubt whether we could have accomplished such a​ giant task. When the judge issued the final adoption decrees, Marla and Gideon were standing right behind him. Then there’s the one known as​ Butch. a​ unique bond exists between the two of​ you that creates magic in​ other’s lives. All of​ us have known each other forever, it​ seems. And there are others whom you may not recognize at​ first, but who are, nevertheless, a​ part of​ our reality.”

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