Spirituality Information Journey In The Fields Of Forever Part 93

Spirituality Information Journey In The Fields Of Forever Part 93

“This whole story seems so confusing,” I replied as​ Kamal beamed a​ disarming, boyish grin,“it seems as​ if​ you’re ageless. They speak as​ if​ you were born centuries ago. And yet, you don’t appear to​ be a​ day older than I. I just don’t understand.”

“Things are not always what they seem to​ be, my boy,” replied the Terror. “Gideon taught us that appearances could be deceiving. People are afraid of​ what they do not understand. And when they’re afraid, they want to​ destroy or​ run away. When you’re afraid of​ your enemies, you’ll seek to​ destroy them or​ hide from them. But when you understand who you are and that you could never be destroyed, when you start living life with hope, spontaneity and joy, you’ll find that life flows through you with peace, plenty and power. Prosperity becomes yours. as​ was said long ago,‘Your enemies are those of​ your own household.’ Mostly, they are your own fears and thoughts.”

“Then why do you go around terrorizing?” I asked.“Don’t you think there are better ways of​ solving problems?”

“It’s the game,” he replied, “I would surely be destroyed by boredom had it​ not been for this game. We all play some kind of​ game. This is​ my game and I love it. Never a​ dull moment. Others play money games or​ relationship games or​ whatever. I prefer this one. Every game has its own rules. if​ you find that you don’t like the game or​ its rules, instead of​ sitting down and whining about how unfair the game is​ — just change it. Look at​ it​ from a​ different point of​ view or​ just rewrite the rules. Sometimes people get trapped in​ their own games and do not realize that they can stop the game at​ any point. It’s all in​ the interpretation of​ a​ point of​ view, my boy.”

A warrior and a​ philosopher at​ the same time,what a​ combination I thought.

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Spirituality Information Journey In The Fields Of Forever Part 93

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