Spirituality Information Journey In The Fields Of Forever Part 9

Spirituality Information Journey In The Fields Of Forever Part 9

New Age prophets and their religious teachers spoke of​ various convergences and impending disasters around the turn of​ the century, of​ fire and earthquakes, famines and floods. And then there were those charismatics, wiser in​ the ways of​ the world of​ commerce than their more esoteric cousins, who preached the gospel of​ “the laws and the profits” and all their brethren were amazed at​ how well they prospered.

And so it​ was as​ the jet neared the coast of​ North America, I reflected on the ways and means of​ humankind. Throughout the years, Gideon’s guidance had given me a​ workable perspective of​ life and living.Instead of​ spending too much time on “Near-Death Experiences,”he had preferred to​ instruct me on the joys of​ “Near-Life Experiences” as​ it​ related to​ our present journey here on Earth.

The prospect of​ learning from Gideon once more brought a​ feeling of​ great excitement and anticipation. I certainly could use some help and advice in​ numerous areas of​ my life. “The times,they are a’changin’” has been true since time immemorial. The only permanent aspect of​ the universe is​ change and our ability to​ be successful and happy is​ directly proportional to​ our ability to​ adapt to​ and work within change.

The voice on the cabin speakers at​ that moment brought me back to​ reality. “We will be arriving in​ a​ short while. in​ preparation for landing, please bring your seat backs to​ the upright position and return all trays to​ their locked position. Make sure your seatbelts remain fastened. it​ has been our pleasure serving you and if​ your future plans call for air travel, please consider flying with us again.”

I complied with the request and then turned around, glancing up and down the aisles, hoping to​ catch another glimpse of​ Gideon. He was nowhere to​ be seen, which did not surprise me since appearing and disappearing seemed to​ be old habits of​ his. I gathered my personal belongings, packed them away in​ my flight bag and prepared for arrival.

The touch down was as​ smooth as​ silk. if​ you were not aware that it​ was happening, you might not have even noticed. That’s how it​ goes sometimes — just as​ in​ real life, one minute up in​ the air, the other down on the landing strip without so much as​ a​ bump to​ let you know you’ve arrived.

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