Spirituality Information Journey In The Fields Of Forever Part 43

Spirituality Information Journey In The Fields Of Forever Part 43

I pulled on my sneakers and it​ wasn’t more than a​ minute before I took the elevator to​ the lobby. Island life is​ so informal that I felt totally at​ home. The restaurant was across the street, a​ short distance from the hotel.It was built in​ such a​ way that those who occupied the best seats enjoyed an​ unobstructed view of​ the ocean.

By now it​ was becoming dark,that strange darkness that suddenly descends in​ the tropics, making you think that someone had abruptly dropped a​ curtain between the sun and Earth. But tonight was a​ full moon, just like that time long ago when I was with Kimberly. it​ always seems to​ shine more brilliantly when I am away from home — a​ uniquely personal perception. it​ made me aware that I was still thinking of​ Kimberly as​ I walked into the restaurant.

Gideon and Marla had already arrived and after a​ moment’s greeting, the maitre d’ escorted us to​ a​ table facing a​ large window. it​ provided us with a​ sweeping view of​ the ocean. By the pale light of​ the moon, the waves appeared to​ be dancing to​ the music of​ the wind.

“Beautiful place you chose,” I said.

“Just want you to​ enjoy the best,” replied Gideon.

“Romantic, isn’t it?” said Marla.

“Especially romantic,” I replied. “Actually, earlier today

I was recalling a​ romantic situation.”

“Sounds interesting,” piped in​ Gideon,“that’s an​ area you hardly ever discuss. I guess you always felt it​ was something that you could handle by yourself or​ too private to​ discuss with others. So, of​ course, we never brought it​ up. What were you thinking about, if​ you don’t mind?”

“Oh, not much,” I started to​ say when a​ waiter appeared.

“It’s good to​ see you again, sir,” the waiter addressed Gideon. “We missed you.”

“I’ve been quite busy for the past few months, Jarvis, but I promise to​ visit more often.”

“That’s great, sir,” beamed Jarvis. “When would you like dinner served, sir?”

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