Spirituality Information Journey In The Fields Of Forever Part 3

Spirituality Information Journey In The Fields Of Forever Part 3

I recalled my first flight as​ a​ teenager leaving one country for another to​ continue my education. The excitement of​ foreign adventures was mixed with the sadness of​ leaving my family. as​ the plane took off and the northern coast of​ South America dropped below the horizon, I remember brushing a​ small tear off my cheek, yet smiling at​ the glorious possibilities of​ exploring a​ new, fascinating and sometimes frightening world. it​ would be years before I would see my family again.

I don’t sleep much on airplanes and I read very little when up in​ the air. High above the clouds enveloped in​ this meditative environment, I much prefer to​ reflect on the nature of​ reality, to​ philosophize and luxuriate alone in​ my thoughts. Today was no different as​ I reflected on the past week. Indeed it​ was a​ grueling one. My body’s bio-clock was indecisively choosing among time zones across three continents, but my mind, at​ ease on an​ uncrowded flight, was drifting among the clouds of​ yesterday and tomorrow.

Yawning, I glanced through the window again. if​ you leave London in​ the late afternoon flying west ward toward New York, you would experience a​ prolonged twilight period. It’s as​ if​ you were racing after the sun, never quite catching up as​ it​ drops into its nest in​ the west, leaving you to​ sleep or​ gaze hypnotically in​ its spell.

Another yawn as​ I glanced again at​ the clouds. There weren’t many of​ them, but they appeared to​ come to​ life changing shapes and evolving into new, intriguing forms, ever so slowly, ever so peacefully as​ we sailed overhead.Here was one that resembled a​ giraffe,long neck, spots and all stood out against the pale blue sky. And over there, another cloud took the shape of​ an​ acacia tree,complimenting the giraffe on the African landscape. Lower and somewhat farther to​ my right was one shaped like a​ car — a​ Volkswagen beetle no less.

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