Spirituality Information Journey In The Fields Of Forever Part 82

Spirituality Information Journey In The Fields Of Forever Part 82

As casually as​ you please, Gideon took the pouch and without even opening it​ said, “Oh, the Ambrose Stone. Don’t tell me the Boatman of​ Pondicherry was here.” His voice was so matter-of-fact, as​ if​ this sort of​ thing happened everyday. I glanced at​ Marla hoping she would say something to​ sustain my enthusiasm, but she seemed even less amused by my news.

“That’s right, Gideon,” she said, “don’t you remember Boatman saying something about giving the Ambrose Stone to​ John? But that was quite a​ while back.”

“Ah, now I remember,” replied Gideon, turning to​ me,“of course, John, the Ambrose Stone. You’ve wanted to​ have it​ since you were a​ little boy. How could I have forgotten? You thought it​ would perform miracles for you. You know, John,” he said wistfully, “I think you might still believe the Ambrose Stone is​ a​ magic genie.”

“Well, isn’t it? Isn’t that why this stone is​ legendary?” I asked some what disappointed by their lack of​ appreciation.

“Oh John,” Marla replied,“don’t you know by now that the magic is​ not in​ the stone? It’s not in​ the sky,the water or​ the trees. The magic is​ in​ you.It’s been there all along. This stone or​ crystals,icons, crosses, beads,rabbits’foot and all other symbols are just that — symbols of​ something else, something far superior. The magic of​ the Ambrose Stone is​ only a​ reflection, and a​ poor one at​ that, of​ the true magic of​ your being.”

My spirit fell. After all these years, I now had possession of​ the magical stone only to​ discover that there was no magic in​ the stone after all. Was my father deceived by the stories he had heard? Was the old man who lived by the river just a​ tale repeated by parents to​ enchant little children? And yet, it​ seemed that Gideon knew the Boatman, or​ else knew of​ him. Were there no mysteries left in​ the universe, no magic after all? My facial expression changed, sinking to​ an​ image of​ dejection. Pandayji patted me on the shoulder and said, “I, too, have heard stories of​ this stone. Perhaps, they were only legends, but I have heard that myths and legends have their origins in​ some form of​ truth. Who knows, John, maybe the legends were just over-exaggerated.”

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