Spirituality Information Journey In The Fields Of Forever Part 76

“Good to​ see you again, Pandayji,” I replied as​ I seated myself across from him. I was anxious to​ ask him about his experiences in​ the meadow, but thought I’d wait a​ while. Over breakfast, we discussed my schedule for the week and agreed there would be enough free time to​ visit some interesting sites in​ the north, if​ I felt like it.Still not a​ word from him about last night, so I brought up the subject.Since I wasn’t sure whether the whole event was the result of​ my overactive imagination, I was rather cautious in​ my approach. “I had some weird things happen last night, Pandayji,” I said.

He looked up immediately and said,“Yourroomwasn’t comfortable? I’ll speak with them.”

“No,not my room, Pandayji. Just some dreams I think,” I replied.

He creased his forehead, as​ if​ trying to​ recall, and said,“Now that I think of​ it,I, too, had some dreams in​ which you and Mardai, Jonathan and Malika were present. But I can’t remember anything else. Seems like others were there, too.”

“What others?” I asked, “Gideon and Marla?”

“I know them through your books, John, and yet, I’ve never personally met them. There’s a​ familiarity with the names, but really, I have no idea who else might have been in​ my dream. And even if​ I had met Gideon and Marla, I wouldn’t have known who they were.” He smiled and said that he had slept well and was sorry he couldn’t remember the rest of​ his dream. However, I knew he believed dreams were important and had a​ beneficial effect on our daily lives. Mardai was right, I thought.Pandayji forgot that he had met us last night. Then he asked me what my dream was about.

“Well,” I replied, “I saw Mardai and the children. Gideon and Marla were there too, but the strangest thing was that you were there speaking with Gideon and Marla. to​ me, it​ was more than a​ dream, Pandayji. it​ was so real . . . as​ real as​ our sitting here right now. Perhaps, it​ wasn’t a​ dream at​ all. Perhaps, it​ really happened.”

“There are many mysteries on Earth, John,” he said, “many dimensions to​ life. We probably exist in​ all these dimensions simultaneously. But I think we only remember them vaguely so that we don’t confuse them.”

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