Spirituality Information Journey In The Fields Of Forever Part 52

“Of course, I liked it. But it’s just that you’re, well... you know... it’s that you are...”

She interrupted, “It’s just that I am Marla, right?”

“That’s it, Marla. That’s just it. if​ you were an...”

Again she finished my thought, “...an ordinary person. You were about to​ say that if​ I were an​ ordinary person, it​ would have been fine.” She took my hand and started walking back to​ the hotel. “If I were someone you felt comfortable with at​ all levels, you would have thought it​ was all right. Correct?”

“In a​ way you’re right, Marla. You are such a​ special person. You seem to​ have superhuman abilities. You’re so beautiful, so profound and so understanding. I just felt that you were out of​ my reach and, yet, I took a​ chance that you were not going to​ be offended.”

Marla, still holding my hand, stopped, turned, looked at​ me and smiled.“You must learn that everyone is​ special and everyone is​ ordinary. Once there was a​ Guru who had mastered all the problems and challenges Earth had to​ offer. He could walk on water, fly at​ will, travel anywhere instantly and performed fantastic miracles. One day, while teaching his disciples, he became invisible for a​ few minutes just to​ illustrate a​ point. When he reappeared, one of​ his disciples asked, ‘What new miracles and powers will you show us now that you have become so special?’ The Guru smiled at​ the question and replied, ‘You do not understand. The reason I can do all these things is​ that I have transcended. I have become ordinary.’ So you see, John, the more special we are, the more ordinary we become.”

“Sounds like a​ paradox to​ me,” I said.“Anyway, I really enjoyed our few moments together. And don’t worry. I know that ‘A kiss does not a​ relationship make.’ But goodness, Marla, that was fantastic!”

“I know,” she replied, and before I figured what was happening, we were joined in​ another long, tender kiss. it​ ended only too soon. She giggled saying, “And two kisses, do not a​ commitment make.”

We continued back to​ the hotel. Soon we’d be packed and ready to​ leave this island — this island of​ revelations.What reaction would Gideon have when he found out what had occurred between me and Marla?

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