Spirituality Information Journey In The Fields Of Forever Part 2

Somewhere between New York and London at​ 39,000 feet above the earth, my heart was at​ peace while my exhausted body and mind took the opportunity to​ rest. I had just successfully completed a​ one-week, business trip, which had taken me from one coast of​ North America to​ the other, then over the Pacific to​ down under in​ Australia. Mission accomplished in​ a​ few days, it​ was back to​ the United States and then over the Atlantic to​ London.

Now I was returning home, filled with anticipation at​ soon being able to​ see my children again, of​ the thought of​ relaxing on the porch, of​ watching the birds and squirrels in​ the backyard and myriad other less demanding, winding-down activities. it​ will be good to​ be home again.Sooner or​ later, we all return home. The chorus of​ turbine engines exerted a​ hypnotic hum as​ we hurtled across space. Unlike most other recent flights, this one was a​ pleasure to​ be on board. it​ was relatively uncrowded. Less than fifty passengers occupied the belly of​ this big bird, which is​ usually accustomed to​ hosting more than six times that number.

It crossed my mind that airlines generally are not pleased with flights that are so empty. Yet,that was precisely what I wanted — empty seats to​ my left,empty seats in​ front of​ me and still more empty seats behind me. No crowds, no fuss, no bother, no one kicking the seat back, no incessantly chatty traveling seat-mates, just a​ quiet, peaceful flight back home. I adjusted the seat, leaned back a​ little farther and settled myself into a​ more comfortable position.

Somewhat, as​ if​ in​ a​ dream, my mind began to​ wander the hallways of​ time that took me through the hopes and dreams of​ yesteryear. I have always loved flying, though not as​ a​ pilot but as​ a​ passenger. And not in​ little insect- like planes but in​ giant birds of​ the sky like 747’s and 767’s. Personally speaking, awaiting departure at​ an​ airport was akin to​ a​ mystical experience. Planes, for me, meant travel and travel led to​ faraway places. Since my earliest childhood, my fascination with faraway places had never ceased and, perhaps, never will.

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