Spirituality Information Journey In The Fields Of Forever Part 42

Spirituality Information Journey In The Fields Of Forever Part 42

“A few more days then I’m gone again,” I answered. We walked for a​ little while then sat on the sand watching the tide come in. There are times when words are grossly inadequate to​ describe a​ moment, times when the best thing to​ say is​ nothing. it​ was as​ if​ the first person to​ utter a​ sound would be guilty of​ breaking the magical spell. So it​ was, as​ we sat there that evening hardly saying a​ word. Finally, it​ was time to​ return to​ the hotel. I got up, brushing the sand away as​ she stretched her arms, motioning me to​ pull her up.

“This evening, ”I quipped,“Henry Herbert Knibbs, was out there somewhere,” as​ I drew her up, effortlessly, closer to​ me. She looked into my eyes, smiled and held my hand for a​ while. Tenderly, I moved my fingers through her golden hair, drew her face a​ little closer as​ her half-opened lips reached upto mine. And out there somewhere on a​ foreign strand the full moon peeked out from behind the clouds.

There are seconds when all eternity is​ condensed into an​ instant, when an​ instant reaches across eternity into glorious universes. There are moments whose feelings you want to​ freeze into emotional ice cubes, to​ be defrosted and savored at​ some future time. The kiss, passionate and tender at​ the same time, permeated my entire being leaving me breathless, caught between time and space in​ an​ aura of​ light and darkness, between two realities. Such was the mystery of​ this enigmatic woman who I held in​ my arms.

Ever so slowly she drew away until I could see her face by the dim evening lights. The wind blew a​ little stronger and a​ slight chill filled the air as​ I smiled at​ her and whispered, “That was wonderful.”

We stood, arms around each other, quietly looking toward the ocean. Here again was a​ chance to​ make this moment into something more permanent. I knew I wanted to​ take her back to​ the hotel or, perhaps, just stay with her on the beach for the rest of​ the night. But once more, just like the other times before, I felt the urge to​ move on. Exquisite as​ the moment had been, it​ was only ships passing in​ the night.

“What are you thinking?” I asked. “That was nice . . . really nice,” she replied.

“Strange how things turn out, don’t you think?” I said. “Yes,” she responded, and then added, “you know, every once in​ a​ while, wherever I am I’ll wonder if​ you ever found your Penelope out there somewhere. Ships passing in​ the night. Good night, John. Happy journeys.”

She turned and walked slowly back to​ the hotel. I didn’t follow, but stood watching her move farther and farther away. Before disappearing over a​ little ridge, she looked back, threw me a​ kiss and was gone. I never saw her again. We hardly knew anything about each other — the type of​ work we did, where each other came from, what were our likes and dislikes, only that for a​ brief moment in​ time, two souls met in​ their journey in​ the Fields of​ Forever.

The ringing phone ended my reverie and brought me back to​ the present. it​ was Marla announcing that Gideon had arrived and we would meet in​ the restaurant instead of​ the balcony in​ about Five Minutes.

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Spirituality Information Journey In The Fields Of Forever Part 42

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